Friday, May 26, 2006


So last night my parents and I came home from a dance production and my brothers informed us that we are pet-sitting.

"Darla?" Mom asked, wondering if the neighbors' mop little dog was back.

"No! These!" My brother held up two tea light holder mesh things that had plastic wrap attached to both ends with rubber bands. Inside, each had a stick and then a little nest-like thing. Huh.

"They're preying-mantis eggs!"

Yeah, so basically we're pet-sitting insects.

I didn't know people raised those.

And, ok, what are we going to do with them? Supposing they hatch, what exactly do people do with newly hatched pet preying-mantises? Name them? It says online that each egg case usually hatches 200-300 of the things. That's disgusting.

Good thing I'm not an entomologist.

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Tolkien Boy said...

Preying mantises (or manti, for the Latinate) are some of the greatest boons to gardening, however. You're doing a great work.