Friday, March 27, 2009

As promised...

As promised, here is the other ad that I enjoyed from the 18 Nov 1950 Colliers:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verizon's commercials

Know how Verizon has these really clever commercials where the employees are all following the person using their phone? Because, you know, so many people are all working to make sure that your Verizoning experience is exactly what you hope it will be, and so much more?

Yeahhhh, it's actually not all that new of an idea. Check out this ad that I found while I was working today:

Gasp! It's been done!

600,000 Bell Telephone People were coming out of people's telephones even back in 1950, Helping to Get Things Done. Who knew?! Verizon, probably.

(This is from the 18 November 1950 issue of Collier's. Which is my new favorite magazine. I think I would have been good at the 1950's.)

I also found another AMAZING advert, but it was in color and was taking too long to email, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Jagged Edge Retreat

I've been meaning to blog about the Jagged Edge Retreat since there's really not much about it online.

My stylist is Cara, and I like her a lot.

The whole place is fantastic, actually. The salon is painted blue, and there are these giant trees all over. Each of the stations is made in basically the same style, but the wood and details about each of them are all different. It's totally a trendy place. I think most of the stylists have tattoos. They use Redken products.

I started going several months ago. I had Jess find a place online; I was actually thinking of a particular place downtown, but I couldn't remember what it was called. She found this one, and set my appointment for me, and I went. It ended up not being the place that I had wanted [thought I wanted?], but when I walked in, I immediately loved it. Although I had been planning on just getting a haircut, I knew that it would be a waste to leave without having them do color.

Back then, I had been doing my hair at home and it had gradually become more red than I wanted, and then I had kind of matched my natural color... kind of. My hair was growing out and you could see the part that was dyed and the part that wasn't, but I don't think people noticed unless they were looking closely. So I told Cara that I wanted something different, but I really didn't know what, and I showed her a couple magazine pictures of layered haircuts.

She suggested highlights to bring it all together. I said that was fine, but that I didn't want to look like a zebra. My first stylist back in California used to do my highlights, and I kind of felt stripey, especially looking back at pictures. Cara understood.

And that was the beginning of that. I liked Cara because she had so much personality! (She still does.) We chatted a bunch, and I was having guy problems back then and she was the one who sang "just gotta keep on keepin' on" which I still think about sometimes.

When I went back, she totally remembered me. She remembered where I worked, and my mission in Italy, and the guy problems, and everything. And she asked all about it, and we picked right up where we had left off. She has a little index card that she uses to keep track of the exact amounts of color she does each time so that she knows how to get the precise colors we do for me.

And that's how it is every time. We're friends. At the beginning we talk about what I want, and plan out my hair, and I always leave a couple hours later feeling like my hair is artwork. Right now we're doing blonde highlights and dark brown (...lowlights?), mixed in with my normal hair color and the caramel that we used to do. I think it looks smashing!

They also do extremely trendy hairstyles, like whoever you know who has amazing, amazing hair, except better.

It is kind of spendy, but for people who Googled this and just want to look awesome, it's totally worth it. And for everyone else, I wanted to share pictures, since the place is super random.

[Also, PS, they are usually busy-- I took the pictures at my last appointment, which was a late appointment, and I decided it would be nicer to avoid pictures of other people since I knew I was posting them on the interwebs. (Except at the front, because they were there and I wanted one of the front anyway.)]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just found something interesting on Craigslist. It's Doga, which is yoga for dogs.


I can't decide whether it sounds like a good idea, (like massages for infants, which do a lot of good things), or whether it just seems silly.

It says it's a class unlike anything else being offered. I think this is true. The description says:

"Doga is incredibly fun and benefits both you and your pup in a variety of ways. You will have the opportunity to bond and spend some peaceful, soothing, quality time with your pup, you will also learn the basics of canine massage, as well as putting calm behavior on cue - incredibly helpful if you have a dog that stresses or gets hyper. Dogs of any size may join this class, and NO prior Yoga experience is needed. The Yoga poses are simple & easy enough for even the newest beginner, but may also be modified for those yogi's with more experience."

Huh. No prior experience needed. (I wonder, are there dogs that do have prior experience?)

The part that I really love the most, though, is the picture on the ad!

It makes me giggle and also fascinates me.

If you want to know more their website is here, or you can see the ad on Craigslist here. If you decide to get a dog just so that you can try this, the hours and location of the class are also listed.

I wonder if they would let me bring Paley. Or if they have Catoga. Probably not.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden 2.0.09

Even though a week ago it was still snowing here, when I went grocery shopping at Smithy's last Saturday they totally indulged my desire to pretend it's spring by having a Start Your Garden Indoors! display.

They had seeds for everything, and those little peat moss things (or fake peat moss since using real peat moss is Bad for the environment) that expand so that you can start seeds indoors. In all sizes! I could start a few seeds, or a lot of seeds, or a ton of seeds. Of anything.

And even though I do know it's not really spring yet, I totally bit. I bought it ALL! Well. A lot of it, anyway. I won't need more seeds for a long, long time.

I knew I wanted to start growing fresh herbs for my kitchen (I think this was even on my 101 list), so I got the Kitchen Herbs kit, which came with six little pots and seeds for Basil (mmmm), Chives, and Parsley.

And then I chose the seed growing kit that had 72 cells (instead of one with 50 something or 30 something.) And I chose seeds. I'm growing: cilantro (which is also coriander. Who knew?), rosemary, mint, oregano, thyme, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, cantaloupe, arugula, celery, peppers, and mixed lettuces.

Here are some of the lessons that I learned from my garden last year:

- Buy little plants instead of using seeds, especially for tomatoes and strawberries. Otherwise, it takes all season for them to grow to be big enough to give fruit and then there isn't enough time for them to grow things before fall.
- Don't plant anything outside until after it's done snowing.
- The little pods that are not just dirt (so that you can plant them in the tiny pot they grow in) are cool, but they make me feel concern for the roots that aren't strong enough to break through.
- Even though seeds are tiny, you don't have to plant a whole lot for them to grow.*
- Thinning a garden is not fun, because you have to take little plants (!) that worked so hard to grow from being teeny tiny seeds (!) that are totally viable (!) and just throw them away (!)
- Science has a lot figured out, but God has even more figured out.
- Plants need sufficient light to grow. If the package says it needs direct sunlight, partial sunlight for a few hours isn't going to cut it.**

Anyhow, I got the stuff, and I planted it. I planted the little kitchen garden first, and then I planted the other stuff. I came up with a plan so that things would stay organized:
I used my label machine to make little labels for some of the things on the sides so that I would remember what was where on the actual thing.

And then I put it up on the plant shelf in my kitchen window and left it.


I planted this stuff one week ago, and here are pictures from today:

I still need to figure out who had the garden in front of our house last year. We have a triangular space about 1o' x 15?' that someone used for gardening last summer. If it was the girl who used to live where I am now*** then it's my garden now. If not, I may have to fight someone for it, I mean share nicely. In either case, I plan to get a bunch of pots for outside since Krista's garden thrived last year, and hers was in pots, and mine didn't and wasn't.

* But that didn't keep me from planting several lettuce seeds in each cell. Because they're just so tiny. Annnnd, now they're all growing. Of course.
** Hooray! I have great sunlight at this house.
*** Likely, since she had a ton of plants in this apartment--hanging, on shelves, in pots outside.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Morsbag Complete!

I just finished my first Morsbag!

(This is a project that I have on my list of 101 things in 1001 days; I want to make 250 of them.)

I am so proud of myself.

It came out absolutely darling. If I were not already converted to bringing my own reusable grocery bags, this would totally win me over. Because why would you want to use nasty cheap plastic bags which kill animals if you could use a lovely (almost designer!) reusable bag also for free? Salt Lake is going to love morsbags.

It's pretty big, too. In the picture the label looks like it's 3" wide or something and the bag isn't so big...the label is actually about the length of a dollar bill.

The seams are all way reinforced, too, so these will be pretty sturdy bags.

Hm. This is a way fun project. I have stuff cut out to sew 14 more. (But not tonight! I need to go to bed!)

Tomorrow I'm going to donate platelets for the first time since I moved up to Utah. I've done a few other things from my list. And I need to blog about my garden, too. I've been doing a lot of stuff lately.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

101 in 1001

One of Jessica's friends started doing this thing where you come up with 101 things you want to accomplish, and you try to do them in 1001 days.

Jess told us about it, and now all of the girls in our family are doing it together. We have a Google Docs document for it, and we've spent the past couple weeks coming up with our lists together so that we would be ready for 1 March, which was the day that we decided we wanted to start.

For more info about the project, you can visit this site, Day Zero, which gives some guidelines for setting goals (you know, specific, measurable, etc.), and links to a bunch of other people's lists.

Since we started on 1 March, we're working to complete our lists by 27 November 2011.

We divided our lists into categories, so that it would be easier for us to compare and do goals together, and to make it easier to balance our goals.

Everyone else chose 25 of their goals to work on in the next 250 days, but I didn't. Usually people edit their lists as they go; my sisters are changing the color of their items when they're in progress, and crossing them out when they're completed. On my blog I'll probably just blog about the things that I do complete, and maybe post updated lists a couple times.

Some people online put a lot of crazy stuff on their lists; visiting Africa, buying lots of expensive things, etc. I know that for about half of my 1001 days I'm going to be finishing my undergrad, and then for another year of it I'll most likely be doing my first year of law school. So I tried to be realistic about the things that I chose as goals. I think it will be a good 1001 days.

Here is my list:

Creativity & Projects

1. Finish quilt started with Grandma.

2. Make mission albums (3?)

3. Make NYC/DC/Boston album
4. Make pepper jack cheese.
5. Make mozzarella.
6. Learn to dye yarn.
7. Knit 12 pairs of socks. (0/12)
8. Spin enough yarn to knit a blanket, or make progress towards knitting a blanket from yarn I've spun.
9. Build a nice personal website.
10. Choose music I like, and sync my computer and phone.
11. Make my blog into books.
12. Can fresh fruit at least once.
13. Sew two Amy Butler Weekender bags. (0/2)
14. Sew an Amy Butler Sophia bag
15. Make an Amy Butler puzzle quilt
16. Blog at least twice a week for three months. (0/24)
17. Order moo cards.

Education & Learning

18. Review my Italian grammar book, completing all assignments.

19. Read Harry Potter in Italian.

20. Read Postmortem in Italian.
21. Graduate from college.
22. Take the LSAT. (?/180)
23. Apply for law school. (?/?)
24. Read 25 books outside of school reading. (0/25)

25. Take the Photoshop, etc, workshops on campus.

26. Take a carpentry class and make something.

27. Watch the AFI top 100 movies. (0/100)
28. Check into the Honors program at the U, and see how many more classes I would need. If possible to graduate on time, include these classes in my schedule.
29. Take a painting class for at least a month.

Environment & Outdoors

30. Find 100 caches. (0/100)
31. Place 15 caches. (0/15)

32. Sew 250 morsbags. (0/250)

33. Go camping at least once per year.

34. Go on 10 bike rides. (0/10)

35. Learn to cook 3 things in my Dutch oven. (0/3)

36. Switch to earth friendly cleaning products.

37. Pre-measure laundry detergent into snack bags or little containers so that I don't have to take the whole thing.

Family & Friends

38. Write to G&G 1x/month

39. Send real birthday cards/personal messages.

40. Send at least fun 3 letters to the boys. (0/3)

41. Read a satisfactory number of Mom's recommended reading.

Health, Fitness, & Appearance

42. Lose 25 lbs. (0/25)

43. Run 10 5Ks. (0/10)
44. Run a 1/2 marathon (April 2009!)
45. Run a full marathon (October 2009!)
46. Keep a running diary or training log for one month (0/31)
47. Do a sprint triathlon.
48. Learn to walk comfortably in heels. If such a thing is possible.
49. Buy five pairs of shoes. (0/5)
50. Donate an old item of clothing from my closet every time I get a new one until my closet only contains things that I actually wear.
51. Spend a weekend preparing at least 4 meals to freeze- at least 6 times. (0/6)
52. Learn to do eye makeup. (MAC class? book? Lots of practice?)
53. Wear eye makeup every day for 1 month. (0/31)
54. Take a swimming class.
55. Have my eyebrows done professionally.
56. Laser surgery.
57. Buy a hat.
58. Do a beginner's snowboarding class.
59. Plan meals for one month. (0/31)
60. Try all of the meals from the Nordstrom Friends & Family Cookbook that I've been meaning to try and haven't. (0/78)
61. Attend 10 yoga classes. (0/10)
62. Start an herb garden for my kitchen.
63. Make an exercise playlist and put it on my little iPod.
64. Buy a pasta roller and make pasta from scratch.

House & Home

65. Paint my bedroom.

66. Paint my bathroom.

67. Paint my kitchen.

68. Acquire and learn 10 new games. (Including Rook.) (0/10)

69. Buy a wii.

70. Buy wii fit.

71. Buy Rockband.

72. Organize my papers into files.

73. Destroy papers that I don't need.

74. Cross stitch or embroider either a Jesus picture or a picture of a temple.

75. Build a bookshelf.

76. Learn to cook Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan

77. Organize my kitchen cupboards with plastic containers.

78. Paint my living room.

Money, Finances, & Work

79. Make a budget.

80. Save change.

Responsibility & Good Things

81. Buy a harness, leash, and stake so that Paley can do homework outside with me.

82. Make a sincere effort to not gossip for one month. (0/31)

83. Volunteer 100 hours. (0/100)

84. Oh, also, Red Cross certification class thing.

85. Upgrade my ham license to general class.

86. Find my place in Salt Lake to donate platelets and go at least 5 times. (0/5)

87. Organize and reduce e-mail so that there are 50 e-mails or fewer in my inbox and keep it that way for at least 4 months. (progress)

88. Finish Paley's shots.

89. File 2008 taxes by March 15.


90. Read every Ensign cover to cover for 12 months. (0/12)
91. Attend the temple 30 times. (0/30)
91b. Get married one of those times. (HA. Just kidding.)
92. Read my church books that I have and have not finished. (0/4?)

93. Read the Liahona cover to cover for one year. (0/12)

94. Determine genealogy goal and accomplish it.
95. Finish reading the Old Testament. (I'm to Proverbs.)
96. Graduate from Institute.

Travel & Places to Go

97. Do iFly.
98. Renew passport when it expires (June 2010.)
99. Attend the Rome temple dedication, if I can. If not, visit Italy.
100. See 5 plays. (0/5)
101. Take a trip with friends.