Thursday, March 05, 2009

101 in 1001

One of Jessica's friends started doing this thing where you come up with 101 things you want to accomplish, and you try to do them in 1001 days.

Jess told us about it, and now all of the girls in our family are doing it together. We have a Google Docs document for it, and we've spent the past couple weeks coming up with our lists together so that we would be ready for 1 March, which was the day that we decided we wanted to start.

For more info about the project, you can visit this site, Day Zero, which gives some guidelines for setting goals (you know, specific, measurable, etc.), and links to a bunch of other people's lists.

Since we started on 1 March, we're working to complete our lists by 27 November 2011.

We divided our lists into categories, so that it would be easier for us to compare and do goals together, and to make it easier to balance our goals.

Everyone else chose 25 of their goals to work on in the next 250 days, but I didn't. Usually people edit their lists as they go; my sisters are changing the color of their items when they're in progress, and crossing them out when they're completed. On my blog I'll probably just blog about the things that I do complete, and maybe post updated lists a couple times.

Some people online put a lot of crazy stuff on their lists; visiting Africa, buying lots of expensive things, etc. I know that for about half of my 1001 days I'm going to be finishing my undergrad, and then for another year of it I'll most likely be doing my first year of law school. So I tried to be realistic about the things that I chose as goals. I think it will be a good 1001 days.

Here is my list:

Creativity & Projects

1. Finish quilt started with Grandma.

2. Make mission albums (3?)

3. Make NYC/DC/Boston album
4. Make pepper jack cheese.
5. Make mozzarella.
6. Learn to dye yarn.
7. Knit 12 pairs of socks. (0/12)
8. Spin enough yarn to knit a blanket, or make progress towards knitting a blanket from yarn I've spun.
9. Build a nice personal website.
10. Choose music I like, and sync my computer and phone.
11. Make my blog into books.
12. Can fresh fruit at least once.
13. Sew two Amy Butler Weekender bags. (0/2)
14. Sew an Amy Butler Sophia bag
15. Make an Amy Butler puzzle quilt
16. Blog at least twice a week for three months. (0/24)
17. Order moo cards.

Education & Learning

18. Review my Italian grammar book, completing all assignments.

19. Read Harry Potter in Italian.

20. Read Postmortem in Italian.
21. Graduate from college.
22. Take the LSAT. (?/180)
23. Apply for law school. (?/?)
24. Read 25 books outside of school reading. (0/25)

25. Take the Photoshop, etc, workshops on campus.

26. Take a carpentry class and make something.

27. Watch the AFI top 100 movies. (0/100)
28. Check into the Honors program at the U, and see how many more classes I would need. If possible to graduate on time, include these classes in my schedule.
29. Take a painting class for at least a month.

Environment & Outdoors

30. Find 100 caches. (0/100)
31. Place 15 caches. (0/15)

32. Sew 250 morsbags. (0/250)

33. Go camping at least once per year.

34. Go on 10 bike rides. (0/10)

35. Learn to cook 3 things in my Dutch oven. (0/3)

36. Switch to earth friendly cleaning products.

37. Pre-measure laundry detergent into snack bags or little containers so that I don't have to take the whole thing.

Family & Friends

38. Write to G&G 1x/month

39. Send real birthday cards/personal messages.

40. Send at least fun 3 letters to the boys. (0/3)

41. Read a satisfactory number of Mom's recommended reading.

Health, Fitness, & Appearance

42. Lose 25 lbs. (0/25)

43. Run 10 5Ks. (0/10)
44. Run a 1/2 marathon (April 2009!)
45. Run a full marathon (October 2009!)
46. Keep a running diary or training log for one month (0/31)
47. Do a sprint triathlon.
48. Learn to walk comfortably in heels. If such a thing is possible.
49. Buy five pairs of shoes. (0/5)
50. Donate an old item of clothing from my closet every time I get a new one until my closet only contains things that I actually wear.
51. Spend a weekend preparing at least 4 meals to freeze- at least 6 times. (0/6)
52. Learn to do eye makeup. (MAC class? book? Lots of practice?)
53. Wear eye makeup every day for 1 month. (0/31)
54. Take a swimming class.
55. Have my eyebrows done professionally.
56. Laser surgery.
57. Buy a hat.
58. Do a beginner's snowboarding class.
59. Plan meals for one month. (0/31)
60. Try all of the meals from the Nordstrom Friends & Family Cookbook that I've been meaning to try and haven't. (0/78)
61. Attend 10 yoga classes. (0/10)
62. Start an herb garden for my kitchen.
63. Make an exercise playlist and put it on my little iPod.
64. Buy a pasta roller and make pasta from scratch.

House & Home

65. Paint my bedroom.

66. Paint my bathroom.

67. Paint my kitchen.

68. Acquire and learn 10 new games. (Including Rook.) (0/10)

69. Buy a wii.

70. Buy wii fit.

71. Buy Rockband.

72. Organize my papers into files.

73. Destroy papers that I don't need.

74. Cross stitch or embroider either a Jesus picture or a picture of a temple.

75. Build a bookshelf.

76. Learn to cook Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan

77. Organize my kitchen cupboards with plastic containers.

78. Paint my living room.

Money, Finances, & Work

79. Make a budget.

80. Save change.

Responsibility & Good Things

81. Buy a harness, leash, and stake so that Paley can do homework outside with me.

82. Make a sincere effort to not gossip for one month. (0/31)

83. Volunteer 100 hours. (0/100)

84. Oh, also, Red Cross certification class thing.

85. Upgrade my ham license to general class.

86. Find my place in Salt Lake to donate platelets and go at least 5 times. (0/5)

87. Organize and reduce e-mail so that there are 50 e-mails or fewer in my inbox and keep it that way for at least 4 months. (progress)

88. Finish Paley's shots.

89. File 2008 taxes by March 15.


90. Read every Ensign cover to cover for 12 months. (0/12)
91. Attend the temple 30 times. (0/30)
91b. Get married one of those times. (HA. Just kidding.)
92. Read my church books that I have and have not finished. (0/4?)

93. Read the Liahona cover to cover for one year. (0/12)

94. Determine genealogy goal and accomplish it.
95. Finish reading the Old Testament. (I'm to Proverbs.)
96. Graduate from Institute.

Travel & Places to Go

97. Do iFly.
98. Renew passport when it expires (June 2010.)
99. Attend the Rome temple dedication, if I can. If not, visit Italy.
100. See 5 plays. (0/5)
101. Take a trip with friends.


Me again said...

If you need any pointers on learning to dye yarn, spinning, or a pattern for the easiest 2 needle socks you've ever seen, Let me know.

MamaErin said...

FABULOUS idea emily! I want to do it too! although it may take some time for me to come up with my things. Good luck and keep us updated as you knock things off your list!

Emily said...

Me again: We'll have to talk about this stuff. I can use all the pointers I can get! When I'm ready to get started with dying, I'll let you know.

Erin: It's fun, you should do it! I'm sure I'll be blogging about a bunch of it. I'm building a website now, and I'll have a section on it for this stuff.