Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verizon's commercials

Know how Verizon has these really clever commercials where the employees are all following the person using their phone? Because, you know, so many people are all working to make sure that your Verizoning experience is exactly what you hope it will be, and so much more?

Yeahhhh, it's actually not all that new of an idea. Check out this ad that I found while I was working today:

Gasp! It's been done!

600,000 Bell Telephone People were coming out of people's telephones even back in 1950, Helping to Get Things Done. Who knew?! Verizon, probably.

(This is from the 18 November 1950 issue of Collier's. Which is my new favorite magazine. I think I would have been good at the 1950's.)

I also found another AMAZING advert, but it was in color and was taking too long to email, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


rogeber said...

The difference is that in the Verizon commercials, all those people are the Verizon network, i.e., all the other people that have Verizon as their carrier (right? That's always the impression I've gotten). Whereas this ad seems to be just about Bell employees (not sure though, because the body copy's too small).

But yeah, neat.

Emily said...

Ohhh. See, I was thinking of this kind of commercial:

And the reason they seemed like Verizon employees is because they're wearing hard hats and red shirts. And if it was everyone in the network following, why wouldn't the person they were talking to come out of the crowd and talk to them? Because if so many people are "in", but none of them are ever the ones the person is trying to call, that would be kind of weird. And not very helpful.

I don't know how many employees Verizon has, though (or if that's even relevant), so maybe it is their network. But like Jess and Mitch don't go around wearing red polo shirts and hard hats...

The text is about Bell employees.

Huh. Who knows.