Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just found something interesting on Craigslist. It's Doga, which is yoga for dogs.


I can't decide whether it sounds like a good idea, (like massages for infants, which do a lot of good things), or whether it just seems silly.

It says it's a class unlike anything else being offered. I think this is true. The description says:

"Doga is incredibly fun and benefits both you and your pup in a variety of ways. You will have the opportunity to bond and spend some peaceful, soothing, quality time with your pup, you will also learn the basics of canine massage, as well as putting calm behavior on cue - incredibly helpful if you have a dog that stresses or gets hyper. Dogs of any size may join this class, and NO prior Yoga experience is needed. The Yoga poses are simple & easy enough for even the newest beginner, but may also be modified for those yogi's with more experience."

Huh. No prior experience needed. (I wonder, are there dogs that do have prior experience?)

The part that I really love the most, though, is the picture on the ad!

It makes me giggle and also fascinates me.

If you want to know more their website is here, or you can see the ad on Craigslist here. If you decide to get a dog just so that you can try this, the hours and location of the class are also listed.

I wonder if they would let me bring Paley. Or if they have Catoga. Probably not.


MamaErin said...

Cats are naturally lazy, so I highly doubt that they need yoga =)

I sent my grandfather the link to the ad (he's a big dog lover). He got a kick out of it, but thinks it's a spoof. People are certainly getting desperate in this economy!

Although if I showed my aunt Madeline the site, she'd undoubteldy be searching high and low for a Doga clinic by her house. Rich people and their pets...

Emily said...

Erin - HA! You're probably right. Paley sleeps all day, so she's probably relaxed enough.

I think it actually is the real deal and not a spoof; you don't have to send any money or anything. You just show up at the class with your dog and your $10. According to their website, they also offer like, homeopathic-something dog classes, and seminars on raw dog food.

It's about half an hour from my house, so if you guys ever come up to Salt Lake for anything, bring Candy and we can check it out. lol