Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am tired.

I am very persuasive. It's a talent that I didn't know I had. I've really noticed it a lot lately, though.

It goes like this:

6:30 am. Alarm goes off. It's not a pretty music alarm, or a light fading alarm-- just one that beeps impatiently in some off-key note. A travel alarm, actually. I haven't been able to find my real one.

I look at the time. I press the snooze button and start talking to myself (not aloud)...

"Good job. You totally woke up early," I'll think. (And really, I'm right. Six is an unearthly hour.)

I continue, "--and for that, you really deserve to be able to sleep a little longer."

It seems like sound logic to me: I did something good, I deserve a reward, and the reward I want most is sleep. So I flip the little switch that turns the alarm off, or doze in between times that I have to press the snooze button...

Until I finally actually get up at...when? Ohhhh, 7:30 am. Which is when I'm supposed to be leaving the house. And then I have to scramble to get ready as fast as I possibly can.

In the morning it seems to make sense, but when I think about it later, it kind of makes me laugh.

I have had two big tests that have returned me to "official college student" status by forcing me to stay up cramming until it starts to get light outside. Ah, the joys of summer school.

My math teacher has done a good job of keeping me awake, though. He says some of the funniest stuff, in his own little math-teacher way. Yesterday, he finished solving a problem on the board and he asked us "You like writing Solution Set?" He was talking about a way of writing the answer that goes like this: Solution Set {(1,3)}, where the answers would be 1 and 3.

We stared at him, and didn't say anything. He asks a lot of questions that he doesn't really want answers to. Yeah, we were quiet except for our class All-Star, who says he loves math, sits in the middle of the front row, and shouts out the answers to everything. "YES!" our All-Star shouted out, emphatically.

"Too bad," the math teacher responded. "That is tooooo much writing. You have to write this thaaaang, and a commaaa, and this thaaaaang... We will just puuuut a baaahhhhx." He boxed his answer.

He thought for a minute and added, "By the way. When you write the book, you have to be very formal. But we are not writing books." So. Since we're not all writing math textbooks, we're allowed to omit the solution set. Sweet!

And then today, we finished Section 5.4. We had 15 minutes of class left, and the math teacher said he wanted to do half of 5.5 and then we could go home. He wrote the title on the board:
Section 5.5 Nonlinear Systems of Equations.

"Do yeuuuu know what we will studaay in 5.5?" he asked us. Our class All-Star shouted out something that was wrong. "No. We will studaay Nonlinear Systems of Equations. Now we leeern somethaaang. Now we caaan go hoooouumme." And that was it. He put the section title on the board, and that counted as starting 5.5 so he dismissed the class.

He makes me laugh.

Two more little items of news:

I am on call for jury duty this week. And that could be exciting. I just called to know if I have to report tomorrow, and I don't. I'm grateful, because I have a temple trip planned with my mom and sisters.

Right before my little brothers left for a three week long vacation with my Dad, the neighbors granted us the privilege of adopting two manti. Lucky us. I think we should feed them to the skink. Not really. That would be mean.


bawb said...

Yours is one of my favorite blogs. So funny.

I like manti

bawb said...

Now where'd that dang period go?

erin said...

I just wanted to tell you that the comment you just wrote on my blog relating to answering Board questions was something that I needed to hear from someone. Not about me, but for the value and service of the Board. Thank you.

anita nowacka said...

dimmi, thnax for looking at images of mine and thinking deeper about it. yes, our street are filled with people, who for the most part we find annoying and we perhaps disrespect them looking at their dirty clothes and distorted faces. but, many of them cope amazingly with their lifes that are so difficult and if one takes time and open up to them, they are good people. they just slipped in life and once you do that, it is very hard to return to the 'accepted'level of our demending society.

thanx again. and i do too think, you have a smart and funny writing. and i just learnt what manti is... thanx.


Jane said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog....I'm enjoying yours - we have models of volcanoes here too as my kids have been making them and exploding vinegar and baking soda all over my ceilings ;)