Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm probably moving this week. This Sunday, actually.

My aunt and uncle have pretty much talked me into moving up to Utah and staying with them. I had never even considered the idea. I think it should be good, though.

They're really excited that I've agreed to it. My little cousin keeps coming up with things for us to do together when I get there. My aunt and uncle are listing all of their city's most eligible bachelors for me.

So basically, I have until Sunday morning to pack everything up and organize things here. (This is all happening very fast.)

Really, though, it's not that crazy, I guess. The last five times I moved, I had only two days to pack my life into suitcases and prepare myself for change. Missionaries do that sort of thing for transfers. (I've been joking with my mom and telling her that I really don't even have to start packing until Friday.)

This should be interesting.

As an aside, the coolest thing happened on Saturday. We were at Home Depot to buy chlorine for the pool, and we found a baby bird that was learning to fly. It was hopping around on the floor inside (in the covered gardening section). It totally acted like a domestic bird, though. It let us hold it without trying to get away. I felt like Snow White! We moved it to an area where it was less likely to get trampled by shoppers.

By the way, "shoppers" really sounds too feminine for a store like Home Depot. Maybe their shoppers should be called "builders" or something. Calling them shoppers gives me a mental image of two buff construction guys with hard hats, walking through Home Depot and having a conversation: "Like, omigosh, that 2x4 would be way cute on that project of yours!" "Oh, I know! The other day I saw Billy with one, painted lavender, and I said to myself: I can't live without one just like his!" "You should totally get it. Just splurge."

Anyway, my sister used her phone to take a picture while I was holding the bird. So I'm actually in this picture. Kind of.


Tolkien Boy said...

I, for one, am excited to throw you a party when you get here.

erin said...

Utah isn't that horrible of a place. I've lived here my entire life. But I've done lots of traveling to make up for it. And I've been to Italy--it's so great.