Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One year!

Yellow had his gchat status set to something about his one year anniversary. I promptly teased him about it and then realized that, Hey,whadduyaknow, today is my one year anniversary, too. One year ago, I moved to Provo. (Well, either today or yesterday...I've been thinking it was the 31st, but I don't really remember.)

When I came to this realization, I was actually in the middle of a fun game that I like to play with Abby. (I sometimes play a game with her called "Try to trace her borders of where she switches from tabby to white." And she plays, "Try to keep [dimmi] from tracing me.") I decided that I should finish that game later, though, and post a few thoughts about this momentous occasion on my blog.

Here are some thoughts about having been in Provo for one year:

- I couldn't really get lost in Provo anymore. For a couple weeks when I first moved here I would switch up the routes I took to get from my house to Optimistic's every day. And let me tell you, it was an adventure. I had to be careful not to get lost. And it was easy to forget which Ns and Ss went where, and which Es and Ws went where. That's gone now.

- I've been working at my company for almost a year. I think they've been my favorite company to ever work for. They're good. (I knew that we were meant for each other ever since I had my first Bagel Thursday.)

- I've been back from my mission for over a year, and not just by a little bit. Weird. I'm not awkward anymore. I was when I moved up here.

- When I moved up to Provo, the only person I kind of knew (aside from Lavish) was Optimistic. He helped me make so many more friends. I feel like I have tons of good friends now, which is really good.

- Lavish and I have had Abby for almost a year. When we got her she was just a kitten and now she's a cat. (And she knows her name. As I typed this, I called her and she totally came.)

- I'm finally taking classes again.

- I've been spinning for over five months.

I remember that when I was thinking about moving up here, I was a little reluctant. I wasn't sure that I'd like Utah. I still don't know that I'd want to live here forever, but it turns out that I like Utah. Kind of a lot.

I should probably set some goals for my next year in Provo.

Anyhow, on kind of a serious note, I want to thank all of you guys (all two of my readers :) ) for everything. I'm so glad I know you people.

And now I should go celebrate by getting gelato.


zookeeper08 said...

Provo has gelato? Does it even come close to the gelato we had in Como, Italy?

Olympus said...

I love that place. Did you go? We save the little containers.