Saturday, April 19, 2008

I just planted my garden!

I've heard it's supposed to snow next week, and hopefully, hopefully it doesn't. My plants were getting too big, and today I transplanted them into my square foot garden!

I used 2 bags of vermiculite, and 5 bags of Miracle Gro Organic Vegetable Soil. I wanted to use peat moss also, but they only had one kind at Lowe's, and I didn't like how it looked. Anyway, I layered them into my garden, and mixed them. The layers made me feel like I was making a giant, inedible cake.

And then, after I had all the soil where it belonged, and it was good and moist, I needed to actually plant stuff. Fun!

So I planted everything. I decided how many to plant in each square based on how big I thought they would get, and also based on how many had actually sprouted indoors. I used the peat-moss-like stuff from the ones that didn't grow to cushion the planting area so that my little sprouts could grow from super-soft baby-plant dirt into pretty-soft normal-plant dirt with a little bit of a transition.

For the beans and melons, where a couple grew in the same little spot, I picked the stronger sprout and pulled out the smaller one. And I was sorry to do it, but I knew that I had to.

The only problem I ran into was, my seeds did better than I expected them to. The carrot seeds were tiny, so I poured a little pile of seeds into each of the indoor grower things, and actually I didn't need to. They grew like grass! So I opened the little grower things, and pulled out ones that looked like they had long roots and were growing well. And I set the other ones aside. I felt kind of bad.

They did what they were supposed to (grow!), and that just wasn't enough for me. So even though they were alive, I had to just throw them away. But they looked kind of grassy since there were so many, so I felt bad, but not awful.

And then I got to the tomatoes. I decided to plant four tomato sprouts in the tomato square, and that was fine, except that when I was down to one little tomato hole I had two little sprouts to choose from. And there wasn't one that had grown a whole lot and one that was little. And there wasn't one that had longer roots. They were the same. And I had to sit there and decide which little guy would live and which one would die. It was terrible! I've been so excited about my little garden. I've watched everything sprout, and felt encouraging thoughts for the ones that had almost pushed through the soil. I just got kind of attached to my garden. And it sounds kind of silly but actually isn't, because they're all alive. It's hard to abandon something that's alive, because I grew it from a teeny tiny seed. I got kind of emotional about it. (My roommate and I decided which one to save, and when I was on the verge of tears we decided that I would suck at having an abortion, if I feel so compassionate about tiny sprouts.)

So I won't say that I planted a tiny tomato plant in front of my apartment complex, but I won't say that I didn't, either. If it grows, that will be cool, because tomatoes! in front of our apartment! and if it dies, then at least I wasn't the one to kill it.

Anyway, that's the story of me planting my garden. Here's something I'm really starting to wonder: How in the world am I supposed to keep everything in its own squares?

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Uffish Thought said...

My roommate and I transplanted some of my little sprouts the other day, and we also had to thin. We had the opposite reaction, though, taking fiendish glee in snipping off the weaker one, or if they looked the same, finding a silly reason for one to die.

And with square foot gardening, I think they don't have to stay in their squares. It's crowded, but they mostly have enough root space, which is what counts--the leaves and so on can touch, right?

Also, I love your pictures. This is ridiculous fun.