Wednesday, February 04, 2009

LSAT prep classes.

I started my LSAT class this week.

I'm doing the same class that a few of my friends did.  It's not super close to downtown, and it's pretty intense-- 3 hours of lessons on Mondays (or Wednesdays, if I prefer), 3 hours of drills and questions and answers on Thursdays, and practice tests every Saturday morning from 8-12.  Plus homework that is meant to take about an hour a day.  

It's a two month class, but I can take it multiple times if I want.  So I just planned to start now, do the class twice, and take the June test.  Which I hoped they wouldn't mind.  And!  They planned on it. They just assumed that everyone would do two sessions.  (If we want to.)  The lessons are going to be the same, but we're using different examples and doing different problems and taking different Saturday tests.  They said that our group (the people who start in February and test in June) is the group that sees the best results of everyone who takes the prep classes.  Fantastic!

So I really was hoping that I would like it.  Because four months of that would be miserable.

On Thursdays and for tests we'll have a guy named Phil, who got a 180 on his LSAT, and is supposedly great.  But we didn't meet him.  Instead we met Brent (who will teach us on Mondays) and Tasi (who does administrative stuff).

Brent is the best.  He introduced himself, and here are some of the things that I remember about him:

- He doesn't like shoes.  He wears sandals all the time.  During the winter he wears thicker sandals that have thicker soles "so that I get less snow on my feet."  

- He is forgetful.  He said he's one of those people who has driven off with the gas pump still attached to the car.  And we all laughed, and then he finished his sentence: "four times."  But he said he's getting better.  This March it will have been two years since he did that.  ("Unfortunately, it hasn't been that long since I drove off with the bank canister.")  

And then we went around and introduced ourselves, saying our names, where we're from, what we're doing, and something interesting about ourselves.  There are 13? people in my Monday class and here are the interesting things about them (but a few people didn't say an interesting thing):

1. A girl speaks Lithuanian.  (Brent said he speaks Finnish.)
2. The guy next to me is an original ballroom dancer.  Before Dancing with the Stars became cool.
3. One guy is attempting law school with three little kids.
4.  One girl was a BYU music major and became a U of U Behavioral Science major (she explained that she totally changed her mind)
5. Another guy has 3 kids and loves skiing.  
6. Another guy has 2 kids and works for the US Department of Commerce.  [And, if any of us or our friends want a job with the Census, we should let him know.]
7. Someone else lived in St. Thomas for 5 months.  Which is an island.  He had an internship there.
8.  Another girl has "a bad case of spring fever".  (Who doesn't?)
[9.  Mine was about having random hobbies.  Like making cheese, and I said another one but people wanted to talk about the cheese.]

And it was fun.  

We got bags, and lots of books, and during out breaks we can have a soda if we want.  (Complimentary drinks always seem nice, even if technically I'm paying for them.  I feel similarly appreciative when my stylist gets me a drink while my highlights have to wait.)

So.  Turns out, I love it!  I wish I could major in the LSAT.


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I hope everything is awesome. You'll do great.

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