Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome Ella! (part one)

Welcome Ella!

On Tuesday, J and I had the privilege of welcoming Ella to his house.

Jess was actually the one who suggested it. She texted me on 18 September.

Jess: Do you want another kitten?

Me: I don’t think so. Thanks anyway.

Jess: Paley likes friends. And besides, they’re outside.

Jess: Remember, you wanted a friend for Paley.

[At this point, I remembered signs that were up at the Humane Society when I adopted Pae that said stuff about how having two cats is better than one. And I remembered how I had seriously considered getting another cat because Paley gets lonely. Whenever I’m home she thinks I’m there to entertain her. At the time, I decided my apartment was too small for two energetic kittens and got I Paley a fun cat tree instead.]

Me: A canine friend, though. J is super allergic to cats. How old is it?

Jess: Farms can have lots of pets. She’s six months.

Me: Is she spayed? What does she look like?

Jess: Yes, I think so. She’s a calico and actually really cute. She’s still kitten-ish size.

Me: Why does she need a new home?

[Remember? Jess and I had Abby, and she was beautiful, and she had good manners, but she was a terrible cat.]

Jess: Ugh. Her family had a baby.

[Totally understandable. Also, at this point I was thinking it was one of Jessica’s co-workers or cohort people, or something since they’re always getting married and having babies.]

Me: Oh. I’ll talk to J about it, but most likely no.

Jess: Also, she loves water like Pae!

[Paley does love water. Silly cat.]

Jess: Mmkay. You should also see pictures of her and read about her. They’re on BJ and Tianna’s blog.

[I thought about this for a second and at first thought they were advertising a cat for someone else, and then it dawned on me: BJ and Tianna have a kitten. And they had a baby fairly recently.]

Me: Ohhhhhhhhh. It’s BJ & Tianna’s kitty.

Me: I read their blog, so I know her.

Jess: And like her?!

Me: Yeah. I don’t know that they would want her to become an outside cat, though, would they?

Me: Huh. Jeff actually said yes.

[He did! I was pretty surprised. And then I worried that when I asked him if it was okay for Paley to have a friend he might have not realized he was agreeing to us getting another cat. But it turned out he did know.]

Jess: Really?! I’m not sure they’d care. As long as you love her.

Me: Huh. I guess I’ll call them.

Me: Or maybe just e-mail. [Tianna was on Gmail chat, so I just talked to her there.]

(a bit later)

Me: Looks like Paley is getting a new friend.

Jess: Really?! Paley likes friends!

Me: Yeahhh, Paley will like it.

Jess: Well, you did say she thinks you need to be her friend all the time.

Me: Oh, I didn’t tell her that.

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