Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The roof/floor saga begins! - Episode 1.5

Here is the extra content that goes along with the first post of my blog-saga*!

It is a video of J demonstrating the installation of our fancy snow & ice tape.

Kind of makes me laugh to watch it now. This is from our ^*~cR-aFt-eRNooN~*^ on Easter of this year.

* My bla-ga?


Monique said...

Did the snow and ice tape work? I remember when we first moved to our new house, we experienced a roof leak. My husband tried fixing it but the leak came back after a few days. We contacted the Calgary roofers that my friend recommended. They came and fixed the leak. Thankfully, it worked. We never had a roof leak since then.

Hope you find a good roofer that can fix the leaks!

Joanne Barragan said...

Be careful when you’re on the ladder, Emily. Anyway, you guys looked happy to be doing repairs on the roof, and it’s quite good that you spend time to attend to that matter. How’s your roof now? Hope you didn’t experience problems regarding it. I would suggest though to you have a professional check it for damages or problems. Seeking professional help can ensure that your roof is properly assessed. Plus you can get advice on how to effectively detect problems on your own.

Joanne Barragan

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