Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free CIRCUS tickets!

Every year Jess blogs about going to the circus, and I've been with her a couple times. It's fun stuff.

The only thing better than going to the circus is going to the circus with your family or friends, FOR FREE!

This year, the Circus gave Jess 4 sets of tickets to give away on her blog. What an awesome giveaway! It's kind of like having a giveaway for 'magic,' or a superhero, or something. Who does that?

Her blog is small enough that I am going to win tickets for sure. So. Yeah. Kind of fun, because when TAMN gives something away there are like 900 entries and then it's just a waste of time even entering.

Since she has four to give away, all three of you guys reading this can go claim your pack of tickets on her blog. Hurry, because the deadline for the giveaway is TONIGHT.

Maybe we can all sit together!

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