Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorting through papers...

I'm sorting through a bunch of my boxes that we brought up from California.

I have journals and letters and all kinds of fun stuff. I'm really enjoying my writing from when I was little.

Here's something I wrote maybe in second grade, because it seems to be with some second grade stuff.

Earth Day

Today is Earth day. People can plant seads. Natchure is a big part of Earth day. People should at least recycle today. People recycle glass so they do not have to boil sand to make glass.
So lets recycle today.

Also, in my journal from when I was twelve years old, it seems all of my journal entries begin by describing how I woke up. Like, "I woke up at about 6:45" or "I arose late because..." or "I woke up relitively early."

I'm great!


erin said...

Every journal entry I had from about ages 8-10 ended with "it was fun." Whether it was or not.

Ashley and Garrett said...

I'm loving it. So creative. I have a whole box of letters we wrote back and forth.

I remember sitting around the table at my cousins house and we all went around the table writing letters to you/Jess, Tim, and Greg.