Monday, July 09, 2012

Proof that Paisley looks a lot like her dad.

 All right, first of all, here's Paisley:

(I love this picture.)

Now, here is one of Jeff's baby pictures:

Annnd, here's one of my baby pictures:

Yeahhh, good thing I gave birth to Paisley, so we know she's mine too, because she looks nothing like me.  She has Jeff's round face, his big cheeks, his little chin, his nose, and his lips.  (We don't know where she got her full head of hair from, because Jeff and I were both pretty bald.)  Jeff's mom said Paisley has my eyebrows, but I think she was just saying that to be nice, because when I look closely at the pictures, I think even her eyebrows look more like Jeff's.  But, I like Jeff, so that's all right.


LJ said...

Ohhhh yes. I have done this. Hyrum is a wee little kidlet version of Adam and I'm like, "I swear I made him too. I cooked him and then pushed him out."

MamaErin said...

Emily, even though Paisley doesn't look much like the baby version of you, I could definitely tell that she is YOUR daughter. I do see a resemblance! She's beautiful!!