Thursday, January 02, 2014

Photography by Paisley, age 1

Especially when I scroll through pictures on my phone, I sometimes think baby photography--meaning, photos taken by babies--is an interesting (and under-appreciated) art.  Paisley absolutely loves cameras.  When I scroll through the pictures she has taken, they are always from an unusual perspective, usually accidental, and sometimes beautiful.

One of the reasons we decided to get her an iPad mini for Christmas was because we wanted to encourage her in her love of cameras, in a toddler-proof way.  I have already noticed her playing with the camera a couple times, so it will be fun to see how her little hobby develops as she gets a little older, more coordinated, and has appropriate tools at her fingertips.

Here is some of her art that I have on my computer already (so these ones were taken on our Canon PowerShot A1200).  I will have to post some of the ones from my phone another time.

Paisley also loves to change the camera's settings to inspire creativity for others.
11/3/2013 - Self portrait.

11/3/2013 - The ceiling.

11/3/2013 - Self portrait.

11/10/2013 - Self portrait after chocolate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .

11/10/2013 - Self portrait.

11/15/2013 - Waiting for Mom to assemble my slide.

12/15/2013 - Self portrait.

12/15/2013 - Mom's purse.  She also calls it my diaper bag, so that means it is "Paisley's", and it is full of things to entertain me at any moment (like when she is carrying me on the same side as her purse and I can reach in to grab something).

12/15/2013 - Self portrait. 

12/15/2013 - Sitting behind Mom.  This is the space between us.  I hate that space.

1/2/2014 - Side view from below a table, with three packs of labels. I cannot resist giving that doily a good tug sometimes!

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