Monday, March 03, 2014

Endless Alphabet and Reader Characters Biography Project

I've decided to make a little series of blog posts about the characters from Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader, because there is nothing about them anywhere on the Internet, aside from blogs and award pages recommending the app.  As I have watched Paisley play them I noticed a few cute themes and the researcher in me wanted to see what all we know about the characters and put it somewhere.

So, I've gone through each of the words in Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader, taken a bunch of screenshots, compiled information about each character, and I am working to turn my notes into little biographies for each character.  This is also part of another project that I will blog about later.

For now, here is the list of characters I have noticed, and I will begin posting information and pictures for each of the characters as I have the chance to turn my outlines into little biographies.  Then I will link this post to the pages about the characters.

(If anyone reads my blog and is not interested in an application for little kids, feel free to skip these posts!)

List of Characters that Appear in Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader:
(listed in order by approximately how often they appear, from most to least)

1. Big Blue
2. Little Blue
3. Yoshi
4. Scampi
5. Pinkerton
6. Pistachio
7. Rocky
8. Sherbert
9. Francis
10. Eli
11. Grok
12. Grumpkin
13. Rod and Cone
14. Dapper Dandy
15. Tuttle
16. Sam
17. Sunny
18. Amy
19. Bean
20. Green monster with lots of little legs
21. Purple DJ monster

Another time I will also discuss the six types of word movie clips I have noticed.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Where did you find the names of all the characters? Did you have to make some of them up? I've been looking everywhere for them. My son absolutely loves the app.

Nice work.

Emily said...

The names are mentioned in various words in Endless Reader and Endless Numbers. I didn't make any of them up. I need to add to the list, actually, because when Endless Numbers came out they added a few new characters, and as more Reader Packs have come out we have learned a lot more about them. For example, #20 on my list, the green guy with lots of legs is named Wiggle!

I have a ton of information about all of them that I've compiled but they've come out with more and I haven't had time to add all of the new stuff yet. I will get to it sometime so that other curious parents can read up on the Endless characters. :)

Anonymous said...

His is awesome! My sons and I have been keeping track mentally. I will check my list and see if I can give you any names to add, since I am posting two years later😊. Can't wait for your posts.


Carissa Christner said...

Not sure if you're still interested in this app maker, but I just did a podcast interview with them and I have an image listing all of the monsters with their names on my website here: