Monday, July 07, 2014


I tend to feel like I can only update if I catch up on everything I’ve missed.  That is too much to catch up on, though!  Maybe I will get to it in more detail later, but here are some of the things that have happened and are going on now:

We left Uruguay.

  It was winter there.

We went to Canada, stopping in Peru and Dallas along the way.

In Peru, Paisley and I went to go see Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.  At Machu Picchu Paisley wanted to walk for a lot of it, and she kept announcing "I really love steps!"  That made a lot of people around us laugh, since it was warm and there are a ton of steps, so everyone around us was sick of them.  For Lake Titicaca, we did a two day tour with a homestay, and we attended (Mormon!) church on the Uros Floating Islands.  I'll need to just write about the Peru trip another time.

Machu Picchu!

Lake Titicaca, from Taquile Island

In Dallas, we visited Jessica and Mitch for several days, and celebrated Paisley’s second birthday with them.  Paisley had a fun birthday.

  (Paisley immediately loved "Aunt Jexica" and they were great friends for our whole visit.)

Paisley and Aunt Jexica
Our family, with Paisley's Favorite Things poster for this year.

Pais with her birthday cake.  Endless Alphabet/Reader themed.

Now that we are in Vancouver, it is really nice to have access to a lot of stuff that we had been missing.  (Like, traffic patterns that are easy to navigate, easy conversations in English, and Whole Foods.)  

We have been spending time each week with my dad's twin, Uncle Rick, who also lives here in Vancouver.  We had him over for dinner a couple weeks ago, and last week he invited us to celebrate Canada Day with him downtown.  We had fun with that.  We enjoy visiting with him.

Pais with Uncle Rick on Canada Day!  Uncle Rick is a genuine Canadian.

I switched to eating a paleo diet just before we left Uruguay, and now that we are in Canada that is much easier.

This is my CrossFit box.  I love it!!
A week ago I also started CrossFit and I am a little obsessed with that right now.  I really love it!  Every time I go, I have the best workout of my life at least twice.  I’m still in my intro phase where I’m working with a trainer to learn the fundamentals, so I’m not even into the real group regular CrossFit workouts, but it is intense, and leaves me feeling tired but good.  I can’t remember ever sweating so much!  I think that if I keep going and keep eating the way I’m eating, I’m going to see some exciting results.   
Pais started a summer Kindermusik class and she loves it.  Last time we did Kindermusik she was about 9 months old and it was kind of during her nap time so she sometimes got fussy and was not very into it.  Now, she’s the kid that runs around to be with the teacher and dig right in to whatever they’re doing next.  She gets so excited about every little activity they do.  It is cute. 
Pais sitting with her teacher Phyllis (instead of me!) during Kindermusik.

We got a new (to us) car a few days ago.  It is a Honda CRV.

This is our new car.  It is fine.

I drive to the US regularly for raw milk, because we haven’t found any here yet.

Now we are beginning to plan our next adventures.


MamaErin said...

Looks so fun! I'm dying to go to Peru. And meet your kiddo. I think your next adventure should include fall in California :)

btw the blanket you sent Abigail is officially her blankie. Soothes her and helps her sleep no matter how hot it is :)

Colin Morton said...

Oh my! You have been travelling to your heart's content. It seems like every trip was enjoyable for everyone. It must've been nice to relax and enjoy all those different places and culture. That is a beautiful car. Good choice, Emily. Thanks for sharing your adventures! All the best! :)

Colin Morton @ SeaPort Auto

Bradford Oliver said...

I enjoyed reading all about your adventures, Emily. You have such a beautiful family. Anyway, I also love traveling to places with my family. I can really relate with all those traveling yays and nays. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing! I wish you and your family all the best!

| Bradford Oliver @ la customs

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