Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Couldn't Find It.

Today has been a day of remembering that I need a car.

I left for the new job an hour early. And I found out that the bus route that used to pass within, oh, 8-9 blocks of the place has changed. There's road construction that's been going on for months, and now my bus doesn't even go through the right city.

Plus, the bus takes for-e-ver to get to my faraway drop-off point because it goes down streets with a speed limit of 25 mph.

But I'm a trooper, and I like walking. So I went. By my estimation, my workplace was about 12-15 blocks from the improvised bus stop. At a brisk pace, I walked and walked. And walked. Just like the pioneer children. (I even sang along with my ipod music.)

And the blocks were not the same as in Provo; they were longer. And then, they were disappointing because blocks weren't numbered by 100s. Instead of going from 400 to 300 to 200, I went from 400 to 360 to 320 to 300, etc.

And after I walked across the entire city of Lindon (I'm pretty sure), I realized that the numbers had stopped matching up. I was lost. Oh, I knew where I was, but I had no idea where the job place was.

So I called my agency, and they told me that I wasn't even close. They said I should go home and see if I could work out my transportation issues.

And I missed driving.

Then I took a bus back to Provo and went to the grocery store. They're having a big cereal sale so I bought my eight boxes. Also, stuff to make a surprise dinner for Lavish tonight. And I half forgot that I would need to somehow take a cart-full of things to my house without the cart. By the time I finished walking 5 more blocks, I really missed driving.

I need a car. Or a mule.


bawb said...

"I got lost and wandered way the heck out to y on my way to x" is always an enjoyable entry. More people should be carless.

bawb said...

Also, I wish that Utah County were on a unified grid system, like Salt Lake's.

azl said...

I agree with bawb. Utah County should definitely be on a unified grid system. It could really be from anywher but just consistent. This would make it much easier to understand where you are trying to go.