Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Quick Post

Today, the library smells like cotton candy. I have no idea why it does, but it's glorious.

I'm doing okay. I just got a call inviting me for a job interview, so this post will be shorter than I initially planned on.

The kitty is still cute. She's getting a little bit bigger. Lately she has two new things that she's doing. First, she's practicing pouncing. She'll sneak up to things, and pounce. (Including things like people.) Today I saw her flatten her ears before pouncing on a grocery bag. She loves playing with bags.

The second thing she's been doing lately is becoming curious whenever Lavish and I eat and drink. If we don't watch our glasses carefully, she comes up, sticks her head down into the cup, and drinks our water!

Today I'm making Halloween cookies. They're two layer ones, which is fun because I've never done them before. They should be really cute.

I'm working at the call center again tomorrow. I heard another funny answering machine message. The lady read a scripture from 1 Corinthians and then she said "I've left you a message, now you leave me one." BEEP.

The end.


Matt said...

Hi. What a nice photograph! Our cat also likes bags - not just to explore but also to eat - especially plastic supermarket bags...

Brooklyn said...

The KITTY...i want to see. can you bring her to something?:), and p.s., why doesn't lavish come to anything? (read: the things I go to.)