Thursday, March 29, 2007

Funny things from work

Really, the only thing I've been up to lately is work.

I got a just-for-fun very-part-time job at my favorite store in the mall. I've been "working" there for almost three weeks now. I'm the oldest girl who works there, which is a position I've never been in before. Strange. (Incidentally, I was marking things on my 2008 calendar yesterday, and I marked my 25th birthday. Huh. That's so weird. That was always the far-away time that I would use for long-term goals. Time just keeps moving.) So working there keeps me younger, I suppose.

Anyhow, I was going to post a funny story from each of the jobs, so here's the one from Job #2:

A lady was shopping in our store and came up to pay for her stuff. She was from California, she indicated in conversation. Where in California? We all wanted to know.

lady: By Ventura. (I think.)

Oh! My coworkers' cousins live out there. (Those coworkers are sisters.) What part of the area?

lady: In Stephen's Ranch (sp?).

coworker: [very friendly and upbeat] Does it keep you busy?

lady: [confused] what?

coworker: The ranch. Does it keep you busy?

lady: Um. We don't actually live on a ranch. That's the name of the city.

coworker: [really embarrassed]

Awkward closing of conversation.

We keep teasing my coworker, though, asking her, "Does it keep you busy?" with the same interested voice that she used. Funny.

My other job has been the same lately. Nothing especially exciting has happened there.

Part of my job is responding to emails that customers send us, and this morning I got a good one. It was spammy, but relevant to our site. Go figure.

subject: Pop ups!
No! No! No!
Forget ancestry, it's history. What about your future? Do you trust Jesus, the only one who can save your soul?

Who sends emails like that?


Yancy said...

saw that you left a comment on my blog...I don't recognize who you are, (but I do notice several other people you have in your sidebar).

so yeah, just wondering how I know you. ;)

ps - you can just let me know in a comment on my blog and I won't publish it if you want the rest of the blogging world to know you as dimmi

Yancy said...

we were in a ward together last year. He taught Sunday school, and he found me through another girl in the ward with a blog. :)

Kevin said...

haha, doesn't everyone send emails like that?! Hey thanks for the comment, you're the first person from "internet" to post on my blog that I don't know :) I'm 6'10" by the way, so your friend got me beat easily! I have like 8 more tall jokes saved up so check back tomorrow :)

Kevin said...

haha, not at all lame. In fact, I wish I got more comments :)

kidcola61 said...

thanks for the comment. i didn't think anyone read my blog and today it was "free for all"
negativity i guess. not always so....sorry...i may leave this devils playground and try Key West
for awhile...i think i need to move save my sanity...i think maybe i should look at it in terms of my thinking being in
sync with the could look at your shared experience that way too and then i guess its not so lame after all....