Sunday, March 18, 2007

Living the good life.

I was thinking about cats.

My cat is so lucky. She has all of her food and water provided. She has free heating. She can sleep all day, or play when she feels like it. She demands and receives attention whenever she wants it. And she goes around getting massages from everyone; nobody gives it a second thought. Nobody ever fights her about anything. She has such a simple, relaxing lifestyle.

As I considered her sweet lifestyle, I was initially a bit jealous. How fortunate she was, to be born a cat.

I thought more about it, though, and really, being born a cat is probably usually a misfortune. The only cats that really have it good are indoor cats. And possibly farm cats.

There are a whole lot of cats that have to defend their territory, have to hunt to survive, and so on. They lose limbs and limp, and get ear mites and fleas, and eat trash. They have to avoid cars and hungry Koreans and dogs and bad weather.

There are probably loads of stray cats. And domestic cats that have to live outside. Life as an average cat wouldn't be all that great. And I'm sure the odds of being born an indoor cat are really, really not favorable.

Come to think of it, I guess there are people out there (especially in other countries) born with a lot of the same problems that outdoor cats have. I should be thankful for what I've got.


Yellow said...
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Yellow said...

It's true. Your cat does have it easy. Honestly.

The fact that you said "There are probably loads of stray cats" makes me laugh.

Olympus said...

Excellent, excellent post. I approve. Wholeheartedly. :)

And I missed you at Movie Night tonight. I mean. I missed seeing you there. Because I wasn't. We should bond again. I miss bonding with dimmi.

Flops said...

hungry Koreans? Who are you?

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