Thursday, August 21, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris called me for my birthday!

Remember how I mentioned that I love Neil Patrick Harris? He plays Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. More people know him because he played Doogie on Doogie Howser.

He called me for my birthday! It was pretty much awesome.

I'd been up in Salt Lake, apartment hunting. I was headed back down to Provo and my phone rang, with a number that I didn't recognize. I assumed it was someone returning one of the messages I'd left about an apartment. But a guy answered. Kinda weird.

"Is this Emily?"


"Hi Emily, this is Neil Patrick Harris."

"Wait. Who?"

"It's Neil Patrick Harris." (He wasn't calling me back about an apartment.)


"Yeah. I'm calling to wish you a Happy Birthday."

"Oh. Thanks!"

He said my dad shot him an email to let him know that it was my birthday and see if he would call. (They are members at the same private club in Hollywood.)

"Oh, did he tell you you're my favorite actor?"

He said he hadn't, and I told him that it had all started with How I Met Your Mother, and that I'd also watched Dr. Horrible. He was excited that I'd seen Dr. Horrible.

He talked to me a bit about them filming season four of How I Met Your Mother. I couldn't really hear what he said for that part, because the train made a bunch of noise. And then he asked me what I was doing to celebrate my birthday. I told him about how my roommates and I have a tradition of going out to dinner for our birthdays, and then doing something, but it's always a surprise. So I didn't really know what I was going to be doing.

And he wished me a happy birthday again and told me he hoped I would have fun (or something like that), and I thanked him and thanked him for calling, and I told him he made my day.

How nice. And awesome.

And then I thought of the things I wished I had thought to ask while I was on the phone with him. Like about the doormat in season one of HIMYM. And about whether or not he has a blog, since in Doogie Howser he did (well, an old-school blog, which was basically a journal on his computer), and in HIMYM his character is always talking about his blog. And Felicia Day is on twitter, so who knows, maybe Neil Patrick Harris is too.

And I thought about calling him back to ask, but stalking someone seems like a rude way to thank a celebrity for calling you.


erin said...

Okay, that is really, really cool. I think I would have sounded like an idiot. Good thing it was you and not me. But seriously, that's awesome.

Ben said...

That's way cooler than the time Optimus Prime called me. He just wanted me to see Transformers.

Thirdmango said...

That's cooler then when I had a conversation with Rider Strong, mostly because I wasn't a huge fan of Rider, but he is a cool fellow.

LJ said...


Waaaaaaayyyy cooler than when Samuel L. Jackson called me to tell me to watch "Snakes on a Plane."

Anon said...

HOLY COW! I'm totally envious of you!

dionysienne said...

He's my FAV! And twitter would be amazing. I'm watching "Commentary (The Musical)" right now.

whatsername said...

Damn. This is the coolest thing I've read in a while. That's so nice that he'd do that!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

That is all sorts of awesome. He was just on Top Chef Masters as a guest judge. Good times!

Zoe said...

Oh My God. you acted so calm it seems like. if he called me i would be freaking out and screaming. it would be amazing.