Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny cat story

Last night I ran a bath* but I didn't have time to take my bath right away, so I turned the water off when the tub was full, and kept doing other things.

I finished making dinner, and I ate.

I needed a pedicure, so I was painting my nails in the bathroom, and of course the door was open because I don't need privacy to paint my nails (and because I like ventilation). Paley came and found me. She always finds me when I'm home. And I gave her a little bit of attention, but I was painting my nails, so I put her down. She sat by me for a couple minutes and then went over to the tub.

Paley loves water. Sort of. When she eats, she'll play with her water. She puts a paw in her little water dish, and splashes the water. Intentionally. When we were at Jessica's house, Jess and Mitch saw her do it too, so they know.

She perched on the edge of the tub, and started to play with my bath water. I thought that was pretty funny, so I grabbed my phone to snap a picture. Silly cat.

Excceeeeppppt, Paley has a cold. She sneezes. A lot. So every time she sneezed, she'd have to kind of brace herself to keep her balance. I was taking pictures of her dipping into my bath water when she one time sneezed and FELL IN.

POOR KITTY! She swam to the edge, pulled herself out, and ran off. I caught her, and dried her off with a towel, and then put her on the heater to dry. She was all wet except for her tail, her head, and the top of her back.

It reminded me of this one time Jess and I were at the mall and we saw a kid playing on the fountain (like you're not supposed to, but kids do anyway), and he fell in. AWESOME.

*This is one of the things that I've taken from the Apartment Therapy book I'm reading/have been reading. The guy recommends taking baths. It's relaxing. He mentioned some CEO who takes a bath every morning, and reviews his notes in the tub. He often comes to his board meetings with papers that have water spots on them.

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