Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Waiting at the gym

Every semester the gym on campus rents out lockers that you can keep for the whole semester.  But there are only 30, and lots of people want them (instead of leaving your stuff in cubbies or paying to rent a locker every time), so they have a set time that people can come get lockers.

The set time is this Wednesday at 10 am.  Last semester it was also on a Wednesday at 10 am.  I arrived at 9:20ish, and I got locker number 23.  If I would have actually arrived at 1o they would have been long gone.

So today, I came at 8ish am.  Because I was going to go get breakfast first, and left my house just later than I thought I should for that.  I am either number 3 or 4 in line, hopefully three since the odd lockers are the top ones.

Three of us have our computers out, one guy is reading, and girl is writing, and the other guy is just sitting.  

This kind of reminds me of living in CA, because they always have Meet-and-Greets with celebrities, but you have to show up way early and wait for hours.  Waiting isn't so bad when you have things to do.

Better to be early and get a locker than to be on time and not get one.

So hopefully, I'll get a couple blog posts written.  Three more guys came in just now, though, so I wonder if they'll start assigning lockers after there are no more places to sit?  Who knows.

First item of news:


I've had a desktop that I bought off of Craigslist, for like the past year.  I paid $250 for it, used, and the thing I was MOST excited about was the memory card reader that was built into it.  I take lots of pictures, so it was nice to be able to put my camera card directly into the computer. 

Buuuut those readers are actually cheap.  And the girl who sold it neglected to mention that it was a terrible computer.  It's an eMachine, which is like, Walmart's brand of computer.  And the trouble is, if you have any problem with it, you can't just boot from the CDs, or reload part of the system software; the only thing you can do is wipe everything clean.

My computer has had problems starting like four times.  Every time, I lose all of my pictures and all of my music.  The first couple times I was devastated.  Now, I just don't trust the dang thing, so I don't save anything on it.

The other problem is, since it's outdated and has no memory space on it, it won't download programs that I want.  Like iTunes.  It WAS working before the first crash, and ever since then it won't download.  Or it downloads, but tells me that I need something else, and I download that.  Then I go to finish installing iTunes and it tells me that I need the same thing that I just downloaded.  We never get anywhere.  Frustrating!

Plus, I don't have the Internet at my house anymore, so I really can't do anything with it anymore.

So.  It was time.  

I got a new MacBook.  It's pretty.  It's all aluminum, and fast, and it does the cool stacks thing that this OS does.  And!  I can get free Internet all over campus.  And lots of other places.  

It will be so nice to be able to like, write my papers during my breaks between classes.  Or, like take notes in class quickly.

I'm excited about this.  


BJ Homer said...

Hooray for getting a Mac!

erin said...

I am jealous about your new computer. I want to get one, but then I'd also want Adobe Creative Suite 4...