Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Selling through Television

When I came in for work today, one of my coworkers showed me this advertisement. It's from "Advertising and Selling," December 1946, page 57. It is a storyboard for a commercial advertising Trushay, which is a lotion.

ANNOUNCER...This is the story of Arthur the Automobile...
Arthur was no ordinary auto--he had feelings--and he was feeling bad right now...

So was the girl who owned Arthur

It seems this little pretty could never get together with a man!

That made Arthur so unhappy that even his horn didn't give a hoot!

And the reason for his sorrow? Well look at our little lady's hands!

And when a fellow holds a girl's rough and unromantic hands--so long, brother!

It was up to Arthur the Automobile to do something, so he stalled one day in front of you know what! [A Trushay billboard.]

Our gal took the hint and bought some Trushay, the Beforehand Lotion!

So she used it before she did her dishes--

Before she did her light laundry--

'Cause Trushay guards hands even IN hot soapy water!

And it wasn't long, thanks to this--

That she got this! [A man in her car with hearts around them.] And what about Arthur the Automobile?

He was so happy that after they filled him with gas he went flying up the street. You would too, if you had a tankful!

So the moral to our story is--even if you haven't an auto--you aut-to try Trushay!

Wow. I would pay money to see that commercial.

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Gina said...

That is great! LOL! I guess it's a good thing I "got my man" before all these dishes and weeding and such made my hands rough!