Monday, August 24, 2009

Swine Flu!

Since I am trying to rest before my class and failing miserably, I decided I would do some research on the Swine Flu.

I was reading the CDC recommendations for institutions of higher education, and I found this:

If close contact with others cannot be avoided, the ill student should be asked to wear a surgical mask during the period of contact. Examples of close contact include kissing, sharing eating or drinking utensils, or having any other contact between persons likely to result in exposure to respiratory droplets.

HA! So if you can't avoid kissing or sharing utensils, you should wear a surgical mask while you're kissing or sharing utensils? Uhhh, does that work exactly? How do you share eating or drinking utensils if you're wearing a surgical mask? Like...Wouldn't it just be the other person using it then?


MamaErin said...

I think the swine flu is making people absolutely nuts! When it first came out, Louis wanted to quarentine our family inside our house, only leaving to go to the market (QUICKLY!). This post cracks me up!

Gina said...

That is great! I love it when people make such logical requests...and from a school, no less!