Monday, September 14, 2009

*-cRaFt NiGhT!!!-*

J and I keep having SO SO many cRaFt NiGhTs, it's hard to even keep up with my blogging!


We've had this problem lately, which is, the roof leaks. J was thinking he needed to have the roof re-$loped, but we ended up deciding that the real problem is not actually the valley between the front and back of the house. [Actually, it's that the flashing (metal stuff) around the chimney is totally not up against the chimney right, so water can get in. (SOLUTION: put tar inside and use a special drill bit and special screws and uh, I forget what else, to reattach it better.) It's kind of confusing, but it will be wayyyy cheaper than having the roof re-sloped. We can do it.]

And then we had ANOTHER problem, which was, part of the skylight over J's part of the house flew off the roof a few days ago. (Whoops!) It's just the extra covering, but the actual skylight is cracked, so it is important.

So, it's not that big of a deal unless it rains.

And it's September, so no problem, right? Right?

We were on our way to church yesterday (on time!) and it started sprinkling. Like, sprinkling
big drops, though. So I said a prayer while J drove us back to his house so that we could put painter's plastic up. (Faith promoting story: It stopped raining right after I prayed for time to protect the roof! Neat. After we had the plastic up we went to church for the last two hours, and sometime during church it started raining again.)

We put plastic over the skylight and plastic around the chimney. We thought the whole thing was pretty funny. It looked pretty bad.

And then later in the afternoon, we replaced the skylight cover (because it's supposed to rain more today.) J mostly did that. I re-tarred the roof. I'm going to go back and finish it up, but I got a good start. There were a few cracks in the sealant they had used before.

We were up there for a little while, so Paley came up on the roof to check things out and see what we were doing.

Sometime later I'll blog about our FeNcE ~~~cRaFt NiGhTs!!!~~~


Jessica said...

Paley is allowed on the roof???

MamaErin said...

God is amazing!!! Every time I misplace my keys, I say a prayer and I swear I find them immediately after- usually in the most random places =)

SkyBluePink said...

Paley on a ladder is pretty much one of the cutest things I've ever seen...and I've seen lots of cute!

sarah said...

I never knew you were so crafty! And also, you look so little!! Paley's so cute. :)

Frank Casher said...

If there is one thing that I can boast about my house, it would be our roofing. We've had it since forever, but we've never had roof leaks. Ever. In fact, my mom (who lives in Miami, Florida) stays at our home during the rainy season to take advantage of the leak-free, well-insulated experience that her house doesn't have. She just loves how comfortable it gets in her room when it rains.