Friday, June 11, 2010

Big things: Puppy!

[One final, little post about another big news item.]

A week ago, J decided we are finally ready to get a puppy. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am so so so excited! I've wanted a puppy since second grade.*

Yesterday I drove up to Smithfield to choose our puppy. We knew we** wanted a Dane and we knew we*** wanted a solid color one instead of one with spots. And we knew we wanted a girl.

So, this is our puppy! The girl who is selling them tried**** to get her to hold still so I could take a picture.

She doesn't look the most photogenic, because she wanted to PLAY and not pose, but she's really sweet. I picked her because she is pretty mellow, and she's all black (instead of having white toes), and she wasn't one of the smaller puppies, so I thought she would be more likely to stay healthy. I did also like one of her sisters with white toes. It was a tough choice.*****

Here she is with her momma and a couple of her littermates. (Girl ones, because the boys stayed in their puppy corral thing since I was choosing between girls.) The momma ("Marley") was pretty much the nicest dog ever. She's such a good mom.
The pups are going to the vet for their shots next Tuesday, so I will meet the people sometime Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning to pick her up. I started buying puppy stuff, but there is still a bunch to do to prepare for her to come home--I need to get her kennel ready, and puppy-proof our house (at least a little bit), and buy some things I haven't gotten yet (like food).

I showed J a trick book I bought, and we are both very excited to secretly manipulate our dog into doing what we want. J was especially excited about the ring-the-bell-to-go-outside trick. I was especially excited about the "Go get the mail!" trick.

We're not sure what to name her.

* Instead, my parents let me have fish in second grade. And books about dogs. We always had lots of pets, but I don't think they wanted to do all of the dog chores that I promise-promise-promised to do [and definitely would not have actually done].
** I.
*** Both of us.
**** Unsuccessfully.
***** When I first saw them, I told her (decidedly): "Okay. Yes. We'll take all of them. All eight. J won't mind. Can I just take them now? ALL of them?"


Heather said...


No kidding, Emily, I want a dog so so so so so so badly. I loooove dogs. And even though this is seemingly the most hyperbole-laden comment in blogger history, I assure you that these words do nothing to express my true feelings.

The Sarmiento Family said...

FUN!! Let's see... we had some good pet names growing up. Surely one of those would suffice? Blackie? That one seems to fit! Lol.
And I love, Love, LOVE all your *** commentary. It's my favorite!!

Jessica said...

Hey, I suggested Blackie too!

Which one is yours in the picture with the mama? I especially like the chunky one standing up on the left. Too cute.

Emily said...

JESS! She IS the one on the left standing up!

See, while I was playing with her, all of her sisters went to go nurse. When I let her go, she ran off to go join them. But they were already there, so she had to find a spot.

That was what I meant about picking one that "wasn't one of the smaller ones." :)

Know something fun about dogs? (Or these ones, anyway.) Remember how when momma cats have kittens, they start to be annoyed by them? And they stop wanting to nurse them, and try to get away by taking breaks while their kitties cry and cry? Marley wasn't like that at all (or at least while I was there, anyway). It was like she got such a kick out of the puppies because they were new little friends to play with.

Braden said...

No way! What a good-looking dog!