Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bringing Chalcy Home!

Now, here is a short post with some pictures from when we brought Chalcy home.

We met up at Chalcy's dad's house, so I wouldn't have to drive all the way up to Smithfield again (2 hours each way!). His name is Axel and he is 36" tall (at his shoulders?), which is very tall, even for a Great Dane. The lady who owns him said she hasn't weighed him in a while, but the last time she did, he weighed 150lbs. He is massive! But he is just the friendliest guy.

Me with Chalcy, right after the lady (not the one in the picture above; the one who owns the mom) gave Chalcy to me, for us to keep.

Holding Chalcy for the ride home! I put a towel on my lap after the picture. She licked and licked and licked me! And then she was a little nervous for the first half of the ride. She slept in my lap for the second half of the ride.

After we got home, we took her out to the backyard to do her business, and to romp around a little bit. Mostly, she just wanted to sleep in my lap for awhile. This is the first non-blurry, awake picture of Chalcy, at home.

J playing with Chalcy. He plays nicely with her. She thinks he is a lot of fun. (He is.)

And then this last picture is of Chalcy, the morning after we brought her home, playing with her KONG for the first time. She figured out how to get the treats out, and I think she could smell the treat inside the toy, but when the treats would fall out, she didn't realize treats had come out, so she would just leave them around on the floor. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of the toy, because the dog is supposed to feel rewarded for figuring out how to get the treat out. But, whatever, she'll get it sooner or later.)

That's all for now! I'll have to post more later about lots of fun things, like 'Meeting Paley!', and 'Deep Cleaning My Entire Carpet, 6" at a Time!'.


Heather said...

So, so cute.

MamaErin said...

yay! What a sweetie! I love the name