Sunday, January 09, 2011

I Made a Felt Name Book!

Last spring I found some blog posts by a girl who made her kids name books out of felt.

I thought it looked like fun, so since I don't have any kids, I decided to make one for my nephew*. I originally thought I would make it as a first birthday present, but it wasn't done it time (November), so instead it became a Random Day in January present. Fun!

Here are some pictures of the finished book, which was opened today.

I tried to give each page different textures where I could. I felt especially clever about using beads for ants, a screen on the house, and fur for a rabbit. It was a fun craft.

Now J wants one too. We joked about keeping the book and someday when we have a kid we can name our baby Nathan Andrew (whether it is a boy or girl) so that we could keep the book and enjoy it.

* Here is a funny story: When I first started making the book, I showed J. He was very polite about it and thought it was neat, but at one point we were talking about it and I realized he thought I was making it for our nephew Nathan on his side. Who is eight years old. We enjoyed a good laugh over that one.


MamaErin said...

Emily that has to be the cutest thing ever! You are so creative. Have you thought about taking orders for them and selling them online? :) If I had any sewing talent (or spare time) I would totally do one for my kids!

Becky said...

That book is adorable. I am always so amazed by how crafty you are!

The Coolest Guy in Chicago (or anywhere else) said...

Hi, thanks for the book. I have seen it before. Not at the cave, no, but around. There is a bar/restaurant in Chicago that may or may not serve lemonade named after me too. I have to go once to see if I can score a free meal.

Do you have a Facebook? I'm out of town and it's easier to communicate there, especially since I don't have an account here. Maybe I should get one though? I do like to write.

Anyway, I think I just found out on Facebook and I sent you a request. Talk to you later. Bye.

The Coolest Guy in Chicago (or anywhere else) said...

That should read, "...found you on Facebook..." I hate typos.