Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a couple thoughts...

I just trimmed our goats' hooves. I've known that it needed to be done, but I didn't know how, so I kept putting it off. Today I finally just Googled it and went out and did it.

It was really easy, actually. Nobody really liked having their hooves trimmed* but almost everyone cooperated enough. I had to hold Bucko down to do his, and I cornered Feta. It was all right though. I didn't make anyone bleed, and it was pretty obvious what needed to be trimmed. It only took five minutes. Not bad at all.

I had another similar experience last week, with sprouting. J and I have been wanting to try sprouting for a while. It just seemed like a good, wholesome idea. But we didn't know how to do it. J already had a Sproutmaster tray and we had some sprouting seeds, so I just tried it out. There really wasn't much to it. Not bad at all.

Sometimes there are things that I want to do that seem like they will be hard, and I don't feel like I have a clear understanding of what will be required. I tend to avoid these tasks, even if I actually want to do them. Often, if I just try, it turns out there was really not much to it.

I need to remember that.

The other thing that's been on my mind lately is Facebook.

I was going through my list of Facebook friends, and it kind of made me sad. So many of my "friends" used to be friends, but they just really aren't anymore. I haven't talked to my best friend from elementary school pretty much since middle school (she wanted to be popular). We've been Facebook friends for a couple years now, and we still never interact. So, what is the point of that? In elementary school we had sleepovers, and played at each others' houses, and we told people we were actually sisters, and one time I told her we should jump in a mud puddle during recess and we did and I got us both in trouble. That we were best friends for several years is meaningful to me. But if it isn't to her, is there any point in being "friends" on Facebook? Since we're "friends" I can see the pictures she posts, and once in a while I do. It's kind of fun to know where old friends ended up and what they're doing...but seeing pictures and simultaneously knowing that despite the ease of staying in touch with old friends she chooses not to kind of makes me sad. Is there any value to that?

The other people that confuse me are people that were friends, but briefly. For instance, old classmates. Just because we have one class together (or ten classes together), should we stay friends? Were we even ever really friends? Sometimes I feel like I should keep them on my list for "networking" purposes. But what does that even mean? And is a "friend" that is not really much of a friend even worth having in your network anyway? Because suppose one of my "friends" works for XYZ company and someday I want to (which is unlikely anyway), are they going to help me out? I haven't decided. If one of them wanted my help with something, I would be happy to help them, but I would be happy to help strangers, too, so I don't know where that leaves things.

What about old church friends? Or old neighbors? Mission friends? Missionaries that were in my mission but I only knew them and wasn't actually great friends/companions/whatever with them? People that I knew while I was on my mission?

I think some of my "friends" decided not to be friends with me after I got married. Especially male friends. Well, that's fair enough. Do I de-friend them now? Do we stay "friends" so we can see pictures of each others kids?

What is a friend, anyway, I guess?

I'm thinking about going through and really cleaning out my friends list on Facebook. (What is the standard for deciding who stays and who goes, though?) I think it may be kind of like housekeeping--get rid of the old to make room for new experiences and new friendships?

Maybe the standard is that I should keep people that I actually interact with, who make me feel happy. And then I should focus on improving those friendships instead of thinking about old friendships that just are not really friendships anymore.

Thoughts, anyone?

*Except Feta maybe did because she started licking my hand while I was trimming her front hooves.


erin said...

I unfriended a bunch of people who fit in the category of "we were friends once but now you're married and we don't talk so what's the point." And a few of them have added me back. Right now I've ignored them. Seriously, what's the point?

And you're doing seed sprouting? You totally have to blog about that for EFD. I need a post about that category at some point. Ha ha!

Emily said...

It just kind of makes me sad, though. What about all the good memories? I think because I'm kind of forgetful I tend to hang onto un-meaningful things that remind me of things that I don't want to forget. Maybe my Facebook list is the same way. Maybe I need to write a journal entry about each meaningful person and then delete them. :)

Oh, yeah, I can do that. It turns out sprouting is really easy so I can definitely blog about it. I'm going to try more kinds, too, and I'm doing a class that will teach me more about it. My confusion is: what do I do with them now that they're sprouted? I think I'm supposed to eat them in salads and sandwiches, maybe.

Petra said...

I'm with you on feeling nostalgic and sad, so I solve the problem by never defriending anybody and just being careful about my privacy settings/groups/lists. I figure there's no harm in being friends, plus it keeps their contact information on file should I ever need it.

Optimistic. said...

I don't think of FB contacts as "friends" so much as acquaintances. Makes me feel less bad about deleting them when the time comes.

krebscout said...

I don't see any reason to delete my facebook extras. There's no physical clutter taking up closet space. It's nice to peek into the lives and pictures of people you once knew and see what's going in their lives. It's an unobtrusive way to indulge my nosiness.

But don't feel bad about deleting them if that's what you want to do. You might find it liberating, like throwing out your old school papers.

Tara said...

I went through my FB friends not too long ago and deleted a ton that I just haven't talked to in awhile or don't really care to see what's happening in their lives. Rude?... maybe a little, but I don't care. Also, if I don't really want them to see what's happening with me, I delete them. It's kind of liberating. haha Just don't delete me! :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'm going to keep thinking about this. Maybe the best thing to do is to delete the people I really don't actually care about and manage privacy settings for the people I feel like I should keep anyway. Hm. We'll see.

Ashley and Garrett said...

I hear you. FB is actually an evil thing if you really think about it. I watched The Social Network the other day and I really liked it but it also made me think. I was going through my Yahoo email and I found the email I got when I first joined FB way back when it was first starting. I think it was kinda cool to be part of FB way back when it was in it's glory days and just for college kids and such...and now I just don't like it. I go on it, but I don't do anything on it because there are too many people who I don't want to know my business on it. (My boss for one, haha so I have to watch waht I say). Anyway...I want to delete people but then I am all, "Well, what if I need to talk to them someday..?" Which doesn't make sense. I think mine is more a matter of I'm too noisy for my own good.

I actually found a couple people who deleted me and I was kinda like, 'really...wth..' Not that I really talked to them, but I didn't think I was a deleting worthy person. I don't know. It's tough.

Chicago Tim said...

I think Facebook is dumb, but it's kind of like required material now. You don't exchange phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you exchange Facebook pages. It's weird and I hate it. I don't take it too seriously, as you could probably tell if you looked through my profile. Most of my updates are song quotes and random photos.

Chicago Tim said...

@Ashley and Garrett

I just saw The Social Network on the plane the other day. It was pretty good. I didn't think I would like it, but I ended up enjoying the movie.