Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awesome souvenir from Boston

Jess and Mitch recently got back from a trip to Boston. (Actually, it was a trip to Quebec, Montreal, Maine, and Boston.)

I drove them to the airport, and picked them up when they got back, so they wanted to bring me something. We don't really buy each other stuff just for the sake of buying stuff, so they weren't sure what to bring back until they were at a market in Boston.

This is what they brought me:

They were at this market, and they saw the pineapple and decided to bring it back for me. The reason for that was, last year they went to Hawaii. They wondered if I would like anything, maybe some macadamia nuts? I told them I wanted a pineapple, please, please!

I went to Maui back in 2002 and I absolutely loved the pineapples I had while I was there. Our resort served them with our breakfast, we had them at a luau, and I forget where else, but I thought they were wonderful. They taste completely different than pineapples here.

Jess and Mitch brought me my pineapple. I was thrilled! The pictures we got were blurry.

So, this time, when they were in Boston, they thought it would be funny to bring back a pineapple again. They both kept laughing about it on the way back and as they gave it to me. Apparently, although people return from Hawaii with fresh pineapples all the time, it isn't as big of a trend in Boston. At the airport they saw the pineapple as Jess & Mitch's luggage was being scanned, and they were really interested in it. [From what I remember:]

Airport person: " that ... a pineapple?"
J or M: "Yeah."
Airport person [confused]: "You're taking a pineapple?"
J or M: "Yeah."
Airport person: "I'm going to have to take a look at that."

So they took it out and looked more closely, or did little airport-safety tests, or something, and discovered that it really was a pineapple.


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