Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More of my Emergency Preparedness blog posts

Remember how I blog for eFoods Direct? Here are the links to my posts that have published since the last time I mentioned this on my blog:

1. Creating a Family Emergency Plan
2. Preparing for an Earthquake
3. Preparing for a Fire
4. How to Turn Off Your Gas
5. Sprouting Basics

In other news, I started my garden! A couple weeks ago there was this really disappointing day where it snowed after it had been sunny and warm for a while. So, in order to spite winter, I planted a bunch of seeds. I did one of those 72-cell seed starter things and it is in my in-laws' greenhouse. Last time I saw it (about a week ago), some of it was growing. I think my Rich Sweetness 132 melons were growing, plus some cauliflowers, and my Romanian beans, and, well, I forget what else. Gardening is less exciting when it isn't at your house, because you can't really get excited about stuff that does well. Ah well. Soon I'll bring it back home and then I can enjoy the rest of the season more.

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