Thursday, March 03, 2011

Emergency Preparedness!

A little while ago I mentioned I've been blogging for eFoods Direct lately. I write a post on emergency preparedness every Monday. It looks like the new site has launched now! Neat!

Want to see what I've blogged about there?
1. Why I Choose to Prepare
2. 2011 is Your Year to Prepare!
3. Collecting Important Documents
4. Emergency Preparedness on a Budget, part I
5. Emergency Preparedness on a Budget, part II
6. Which Emergencies are You Preparing For?
7. Involving Kids in Emergency Preparedness
8. Fire Extinguisher Basics
9. QUIZ: How prepared are you TODAY?

I have a bunch of other posts (on a variety of preparedness topics) scheduled for upcoming weeks, so there's a lot to look forward to.

I also really recommend going in and reading all of the posts by Rock Waterman. He writes about storing water (and sometimes he writes about other things), but he's fun to read.

I'm so excited about getting prepared! When I found out I was going to be writing about emergency preparedness I made this whole long list of different topics I could write about. Some of them are things I already know about, and some are things I'm learning about before I blog. I love writing about this stuff. I love being prepared.

A couple days ago I (finally!) filled my water storage barrels. We bought water storage barrels a few months ago and then left them empty. It felt really good to cross that off of my to do list.* The thing is, we're headed toward some really significant inflation really soon.** Things are probably going to get pretty bad, so it makes a lot of sense to do what we can now to prepare.

* No, really, it did. I use an app called "Astrid" which reminds me of my to do things all the time. "Won't you please just take care of this?" it asks. "You'll feel better when this is done." "This won't take long, I promise." GO AWAY!
** It's already happening, actually. J likes pre-sliced packages of cheese, and last week we realized the packages are now 6-7 oz. of cheese instead of 8 oz. Ice cream comes in different containers now too, because they're like radio-sized instead of lunchbox-sized boxes now. Hmmmm. Think about this: how much work does it take to change the size of an ice cream box? They have to change the machinery to work with different packages...they have to change their stuff that they use to print the boxes (to print a different size box, and to say a different amount on the box), why would they go to all that trouble?

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erin said...

I love you blogging for us. I decided that since you are a home maintenance/do-it-yourselfer this is a GREAT thing for you, dude. :) Thanks for writing.