Thursday, March 24, 2011

Them Aminals, They's a Growin'

Want to see a quick farm update?

All right.

Here are the turkeys. Chalcy stepped on one of the turkeys before we left, and when we came home one of the turkeys seemed lame. It's always sitting, never standing. It kind of uses one leg and a wing to scoot over to the food and over to the water, and to scoot over to lay in a good spot. I feel bad for it because the other birds walk on it and peck at it, so it doesn't have as many feathers. But it doesn't look weak, or anything. It's still getting fat. It is alert and other than looking broken, it's really healthy. I guess it will probably eventually die, but I don't know what else to do about it. Turkeys don't get to go to the vet. So far it's doing good. I'm hoping it can just keep surviving as a basically one-legged bird. We'll see.

Here is Chuck. He is very cute, but he has a one track mind, seriously. "Milk??? Did you bring me milk??? Is there a bottle somewhere??? Milk??? I like milk, did you bring me milk???" (Dude, you just ate.) "If I follow you and keep nudging you, maybe there will be MILK. I like milk. ... Did you bring milk??? If I suck your finger I will probably get MILK."

Here are our goats. The girls (the black and white ones on the left) are hopefully, hopefully pregnant. We don't know yet. If so, they should kid in June, I think. (If not, they are just fat, which they don't deserve to be if they're not going to give us milk.)

Bucko is getting bigger (and he has horns), so he and Caroline keep re-challenging each other to see who is actually the dominant one in the group. Caroline is still winning, but that won't last really long. Here are a couple pictures that I took this afternoon, like two seconds apart. Neat. This is how they decide who wins... They jump up to look big...And then they push against each other to see who can push the hardest.

And here is a fun picture of Paley, when she snuck into our house yesterday and Chalcy immediately greeted her with many, many, many kisses that were full of love and slobber. Notice how Chalcy's mouth hangs when she bends over. It's pretty funny looking. Also, when I put poor Paley back outside, she was soaking wet. Silly dog.

(You can only sort of tell in that picture how fast Chalcy's tail is wagging.)

[Jess wrote about our animals recently and she has a fancy camera, so her post has fancy pictures.]


Ashley & The Dogs said...

Chuck is absolutely the cutest little thing I've EVER seen in my entire life. That is a face of sweetness.

Catalina said...
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MamaErin said...

Emily, PLEASE tell me that Chuck is not going to wind up in your freezer. He is seriously too sweet looking to eat!

Emily said...

Oh, Erin, don't worry.

He'll have a very nice life first. Then, instead of just decaying and being a waste, we will make him into delicious steaks and roasts, and he will sustain our life like we are sustaining his. He gets to run around and eat grass and relax in the sunshine and stuff, which if you go to the store and buy meat, that didn't happen for them. Plus we will choose not to give him hormones and tons of antibiotics, so the meat will be better for us. It's all very circle-of-life-ish and he's happy to participate.

Calves really are very sweet looking with their huge eyes and long eyelashes, huh?

Tim said...

I want a baby turkey.