Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Presidents' Day

If you want to enjoy your Presidents' Day cookie cutters, you've got to remember them at precisely the right time. Remembering that you can make cookies shaped like presidents does no good at all if you remember for Halloween or Valentine's Day, or on some random summer day. No, you've got to remember you have Presidents' Day cookie cutters on Presidents' Day, or a couple days before, and if you don't, well, you're out of luck.


So I suggested to J that we make some Presidents' Day sugar cookies, in celebration of presidents. I made the cookie dough and cut cookies, and then for our Presidents' Day FHE, we decorated presidents* and delivered plates of cookies to some of our neighbors.

It was a lot of fun.

*I asked J if all of the Washingtons had faces, because I was going to use the skin-colored frosting to make beard-colored frosting. He assured me that all of the faces were done. So I made beard-colored frosting. And then he realized one wasn't done after all. Ohhh, no. So he suggested I make one Obama-Washington (with beard-colored frosting). No way! So I scraped the edges of the white (wig-colored) frosting, and made just enough face-colored frosting for the poor guy. We** only celebrate presidents that act like presidents.
** I

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