Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ducklings and a Buck


Jessica told me she knew someone who was looking for a home for their ducks, and wondered if we were interested.  We were.  Jeff has actually been asking me to get ducks for about a year now, and one time this spring I actually looked for them, but I didn't find any.

So, this Friday the family brought their three ducklings to our house.  We like them.

They're really cute.  And they were raised by a bunch of kids, so they're pretty friendly, too.

The ducklings are going through their voice change right now, which is absolutely adorable.  They say "peep peep QUACK peep QUACK."

This morning I put them out in the yard with the goats.  It took them about 5 minutes to find the drinking pond and start swimming in it.   Ducks are fun.

New Goat 

We have our buck for the year.  We got him a couple weeks ago.  Supposedly he's hot stuff, because he has a bunch of champion goats in his lines.  It was kind of an ordeal getting him.  Here's what happened:

We had been watching KSL for a decently priced buck.  I found one, and the guy was willing to deliver for the cost of fuel, so I called and told him I wanted it.  He was going to deliver the buck last Thursday, I think, and then it became last Friday night at 7pm.  We were not excited about that time, but we figured it would be ok.  Except the guy didn't come at 7.  He called around 7 saying he was coming at 8.  We kept waiting at our house for him (on date night) and he kept not showing up.  At 9:40 (past our bedtime) the guy was on his way, with the goat loaded up, about 40 minutes away.  Sigh.  Well, okay.  So we kept waiting, and finally the guy got here, after 10pm!  We unloaded the buck and put him in with the does, and went into the garage to pay the man and have him sign a receipt for us, and to get the registration papers for him.  So I was like, okay, so, $150 plus $20 for delivery.  And the guy was like, "Wait, what?  No, I had him listed at $300."  And I said, "Uh, no, it was definitely $150, and I didn't even see any other bucks posted by you."  [Awkward pause.]  "Well, I just listed him a few days ago."  So it was a big miscommunication, but actually Jeff and I were no way going to pay $300 for a buck, because we would never be able to resell a buck for that much.  I brought out the printout of the ad that I saw on KSL ($150), and the guy realized what I was talking about.  We talked about paying to rent the buck (yes, people do that); the guy wasn't that interested.  Finally, he suggested we pay $200, and we weren't crazy about paying that much for just a buck, but we were both tired and wanted to be done with things, so we just did.  And then, I was looking at the papers, and it said the buck's parents were the same as the other goat we thought we were buying.  Oh well.

So.  Now we have him.  The guy said he is about 6 months old...and so far he is totally uninterested in the does.  And I know some of the does have been interested in him.  So, I don't know what his problem is, but he better not actually have a problem.

Also, he has no name yet.  I need to come up with something so that I can send his papers in.

Other Things

We went to St. George.  It was fun.

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