Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pregnancy Photo Progression

I've been thinking it would be fun to share these.  Today I am exactly 35 weeks pregnant.  When I was almost 15 weeks pregnant I decided it was about time for us to start taking pictures to document my pregnancy.  (Before that, I didn't feel like there was much to photograph.)

Since then, I've had Jeff take my picture pretty much every other Saturday morning, before we go to the gym.  A couple months ago I started wearing a different shirt to the gym, but we still do pictures with this one, because it's the one I've been wearing for pictures all along and it makes the transition more interesting.

We also take pictures from the front, but those ones are less interesting.

It's kind of amazing that next time we take a picture I'll be at 37 weeks--full term(!).  And, most likely there will only be two more pictures like this.  Maybe three.  (Although, it seems like I'm getting so big so fast lately that maybe we should switch to doing weekly pictures, just like midwife visits are weekly now.  Or maybe two pictures a week.)


pia said...

Wow! You totally "popped" around 23 weeks! I think that's when it happened with me as well. So exciting!

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