Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Official [Fake-Out] Mail

I should know better by now.

Whenever I receive mail from the Republican National Committee, I always kind of expect it to be important, but it never is.  They are champions at sending fake-out mail: they like to send surveys that "MUST" be returned (with a few questions to help me feel like I'm sharing my opinions--that they think they already know--and then questions about how much of a donation I'm making, $25 minimum for processing my survey).  Today, I got a fake index card with information about me, and a letter urging me to PLEASE confirm my information (because my party affiliation is "unconfirmed" until I send back the fake index card that lists me as Republican).  And when I send it back--time is of the essence--I need to include my maximum contribution so they know that I am with them. Like they are really hoping to receive thousands and thousands of index cards. 

It reminds me of the super sketchy call center I worked at for a few months.  I was calling people to verify that they were interested in online college classes (which was sketchy enough), but some of the other people in the same building had a different type of calls.  They would set up "interviews" where they would ask people questions...but the whole goal was to get the people to feel like it was an exclusive opportunity.  They didn't even write down anyone's responses, because everyone was approved--as long as they were ready to pay for their "opportunity" to participate. 

I'm sure the Republican National Committee gets a lot of replies, but I think fake-out mail is so tacky.  (Also, it's kind of insulting, because I know they're trying to trick me into giving them money, which implies that not only do they think I am stupid but they are trying to take advantage.)

Oops, I just shredded my index card.  Now what?

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