Friday, March 21, 2008

Where in the World is Emily Sandiego?

Here's something fun and easy that will make you feel as smart as Chloe O'Brien:

I made my phone trackable. Any time you want, you can see where I am. For free!

Today I'll be going up to Salt Lake City. Then tonight I'm flying out to the Newark, and I'll be spending the next 9 days in New York City, Washington DC, and a little bit of VA.

If you want to watch me move around, go to and register. It's free, and they don't send you junk. Click on "Buddies/Groups" and then "Add Buddy" and my username is "emi255".

[NOTE: As I was typing this I realized I have a referral code. It is 5B5B5C5A5D5B . If you want to enter it, that's great. I get referral points. If you don't want to, that's okay too, because that wasn't the reason I was telling you all about this.]

It will ask me if I approve of you adding me, and I'll approve anyone who adds me. And then, whenever you want, you can click "View" to see where I am. It uses cellphone towers to track where I am through my cellphone. I've been watching it track me on my phone over the past few days and it seems like it's usually accurate within 5 blocks or so. I think that's close enough for it to be fun to watch, but far enough for me to feel entirely unconcerned about being trackable.

My phone has another feature that is really cool. If you want to talk to me, it will find where I am, wherever I happen to be, and it will let you talk with me instantly! Amazing. And you don't even have to register at all for that. Phones these days!

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LJ said...

Um, who is Chloe O'Brien?