Saturday, June 14, 2008

School Stories 7 - Investments - Personal Finance 3 of 5

This is the worksheet that we got in class.

Budget Questions

Do you stick to a monthly budget?

How much do you spend each month on the following?
Eating Out
Drinks (Big Gulps, Doffee, Alcohol, etc.)
Automobile (gas, maintenance, etc.)

When you see something at the store that you really want, what do you do?
Buy it
Save up for it
Forego it – you can’t afford it anyway

What is/are your credit card balance(s)?

If you have balances, when do you expect to have them paid off?

What is your interest rate on your credit card(s)?

Do you notice any patterns in your spending? (i.e., I spend more when I’m unhappy, when I’m happy, I buy things when I see other people have them, etc.)

Add up all your debt. (Mortgage, car, credit cards – don’t include things such as food and entertainment). What percentage of your monthly income does it represent?

Does your employer offer savings plans such as a 401K, stock purchase, etc.?

Are you taking advantage of these?

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