Saturday, December 06, 2008

Free Gmail Stickers!

In case you haven't seen this yet...

The other day, Gmail announced free stickers on their blog. Gmail stickers are the kind of thing that I never knew I wanted, but now that I know they exist, I can see they've been missing from my life and I must have them.

If you want some, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

The official post about it is here. And I recommend checking it out, because I'm at the gym and can't post pictures from here.


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

Emily... I don't know you, but felt the need to enlighten you. I noticed your comment on the "Seriously So Blessed" blog. You know that everyone on there was joking about the permanent make-up thing, right? They most likely DO NOT believe in permanent make-up anymore than you or I do, but were just kidding around to go along with the blog. Anyway! Have a wonderful non-permanent make-up free day! I know I will! :)

Merry said...

Emily, I also came to your blog from your comment on Seriously, So Blessed. But I have to comment about Gmail stickers. Thanks for sharing this with the world! I never knew about Gmail's blog or the stickers. But just to let you know, the link on your page needs to be edited because it has an extra http. Anyway, thanks!

Emily said...

Sarah - Oh, I know. Just usually there's more of a balance. People can leave funny comments for either side, you know? But when I got there there were 55 people fine with it, even jokingly. Which was just kind of surprising. Thanks anyway. :)

Merry - Thanks! The link is fixed.

LJ said...

I think I could really love this. I heart Gmail.

Also, I'm currently laughing in my office because these gals came to your blog JUST to call you out for not condoning permanent makeup. WAUGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to get some free stickers. Everyone of my cousins use Gmail, and they think it is AWESOME!

Denah McDowell said...

hey i love my new stickers