Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just something kind of funny...

Near Trolley Square in downtown Salt Lake City, there used to be an ice cream place called Squirrel Brothers. The building was painted to look like sky, and it had a giant revolving? ice cream cone in front. I think it's been vacant since I moved up here this summer.

Apparently someone bought it.

I'm sure they're going to remove the ice cream statue, but I guess they decided to paint first. I took the picture on my phone a couple weeks ago.



I just thought it looked kind of funny to see a black ice cream cone. (And at a steakhouse.)

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GW said...

You'd think it would have been much easier to remove the ice cream cone from its base than to bother painting the thing! Unpainted, they might have sold it as a restaurant-related collector's item or to another business.