Friday, May 01, 2009

AMERICAN HOME part 3 - Don't Be a Public Enemy!

There were a few advertisements like this in American Home.DON'T BE A PUBLIC ENEMY Be patriotic and smother your sneezes with KLEENEX to help keep colds from spreading to war workers. America needs every man--full time! (from a letter by D. L. R., Chicago, Ill.)


Save on Kleenex so Kleenex can save for you!

When half-size will do, tear Kleenex in two. Tear across fold! Saving Kleenex saves material necessary to win the war!

Kleenex "Pop-up-Box" saves tissues--saves money! Because it serves up just one double tissue at a time!

WIN $25 (MATURITY VALUE) DEFENSE BOND For each statement we publish.
Write how the use of Kleenex saves you money and helps win the war.

2 for 1...
My Kleenex does double-duty! After using it to remove face cream, it's perfect to shine up furniture or leather shoes and purse! (from a letter by G.C.T., Pomona, Calif.)


I like it. What company now would tell you to use half of their product, even for a cause? Now what a company would do is sell a special brand of tissues that were half size and charge more for them. Also, I love that the last comment is from someone in Pomona. (WHAT UP!?!)* Can you imagine any girl using her dirty tissue to shine furniture or leather shoes and purses? Do girls even shine leather now? I think we just buy new things. I bet it worked, though.

*Do you love that I just holla'd at someone who, if she was 20 when this was published, would be 87 years old now?! Think about it. She had no idea what Pomona would be like now...

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