Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's that time again... (Netflix)

Anyone want a free month of Netflix? I've blogged about this before, but these offers always expire so...

Just in case anyone is interested, they sent me an email which I am supposed to forward to friends and family, offering a free month of Netflix. Know how I used to get a free movie for every person who signed up? I don't anymore. Now the email makes it look like it's kind of a gift I can give to other people. I'm not watching very many movies these days, so it doesn't really matter.

So if you're interested, here is the link for ONE FREE MONTH OF NETFLIX.

The offer is valid through 15 June 2009.

If you want me to forward the email, or if you want one of the really special cards that I got in the mail yesterday (which have the same offer, but an individual! special! code on each one), let me know, and I have those too. (If it's something you were already wanting to try, great, have at it. If not, don't feel obligated at all.)

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MamaErin said...

If I had time to watch a bunch of movies I would so sign up for it! As it turns out, I leave the TV off for the most part during the day, and then Louis and I catch up on our TV shows at night after Jer is in bed. Sorry Em but thanks for posting!