Thursday, June 04, 2009

AMERICAN HOME part 5 - Poor Cousin Jan.

I just have a few more of these clips from American Home magazine.

This one is a Windex advert. It's written in verse. LOVE IT. Also, I love that Windex was never over 15c. And that Cousin Jan was healthy and husky and mowed lawns for fun.

1. It's too bad you never met
poor Cousin Jan.
She was healthy and husky
and strong as a man--

2. She mowed lawns for fun
and beat rugs by the dozen
But washing her windows
just ruined poor Cousin.

3. Her daughter Louisa
is fragile and small
But windows to wash
never scared her at all.

4. She just uses Windex.
It's whisk! and it's done--
And where's our Louisa?
She's out having fun!

5. Just spray Windex on--wipe
it off--and you're through!
"And I've never seen glass
any cleaner!" say you.

6. For clean windows longer,
get Windex today
Buy the 20-ounce size--
it's the thriftiest way.

7. Don't be tempted by imitators
who promise "more for your
money." Windex is a quality,
non-inflammable, oil-free cleaner
which leaves no dust-catching film,
doesn't streak, sheds no dust on
sills or floor.

for handy-size bottle
anywhere in U. S. A.
Ask your dealer about
the new reduced price
--also about big 20-
oz. economy refill
Copr. 1942, The Drackett Co.

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