Tuesday, June 02, 2009

*:*-...cRaFt NiGhT!!!!...-*:*

When we saw Jess for the Grand Canyon trip, she showed J and I her latest craft. Jess has been having craft nights every month for a little while now, but she always chooses times that I can't come and then flaunts it by sending me cute invitations by e-mail.

I told Jessica that J and I would have our own craft night.

So. We. Did.

This Friday I invited J and my girls [--BUT NOT JESS--] for my FIRST cRaFt NiGhT!!!!

Even though it was super short notice (like, 5 minutes), everyone came. We bought our supplies in advance and for craft night we painted. All six of us had So Much Fun! We loved being outside!

I left the girls in their box so they wouldn't get lost or painty, but they enjoyed the sunshine. J painted the sides of the chicken coop (which we've started calling "the barn") and I painted the doors and the nesting box thing. We painted with a waterproofing opaque wood stain thing, in the color "California Redwood" since I thought that sounded like the best option for a chicken coop.

We can't wait for our next craft night!!!

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MamaErin said...

Emily you are so funny. I miss you!

YES I would love to get together when you come out here! As far as I know those dates work for me. We're still trying to work out our car issues- we have to return the Lexxus on Wednesday, but hopefully will be able to rent one for the intrem. Let me know what you had in mind!
BTW ... sorry if I"m a little slow to pick up on this, but is J your boyfriend? =)