Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Geocaching Post, Sort of.

Jess and Mitch have a geocaching joke. To humor my mom and I, they pretend that they're really interested in geocaching.

The joke is especially funny when Jess texts me.

9:00pm 1/18/08 From: Jess
Em, we've gotten like six geocaches on our way to Rexburg. I mean ten. Wish you were here.

11:17pm 2/12/08 From: Jess
Mitch said he's super sad that he's going to miss geocaching when youre here. Stupid trip to Chicago. OH WAIT! Ill bet there are geocaches in Chicago!

AND THEN! While I was actually visiting Jess, she and Mitch had a text message conversation that was similar:

11:13am 2/23/08 FROM: JESS TO: MITCH
We're still looking up geocaches. [sigh]

11:14am 2/23/08 FROM: MITCH TO: JESS
Oh... You love spending 55 hours looking for geocaches. Make sure you collect lots of geocoins. I have allready found 12 in Chicago so you will have to beat me.

11:15am 2/23/08 FROM: JESS TO: MITCH
Really? Well, we are finding a bunch of travel bugs so that we can move them.

11:16am 2/23/08 FROM: MITCH TO: JESS
Oh yeah I uh did 17 of those too... I am the best geocacher ever.

11:17am 2/23/08 FROM: JESS TO: MITCH
Gosh, youre a way better geocacher than me. Are you letting all your work friends help find them too?

11:17am 2/23/08 FROM: MITCH TO: JESS [no, her husband isn't texting me love messages.]
Yeah we have been skipping lunches and breaks to find them. Love you pretty girl.

So, that was the conversation that they had, which Jessica read to me as it happened. AWESOME. I had her forward them to me so that I could post about this.

The thing that's really funny about it all is, they don't geocache at all. Ever.

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zookeeper08 said...

Sure they geocache!

I remember once, Jess and I were in the car together....near a cache....Oh wait. That was the time you and the boys hunted while she and I waited in the car -- so she could tell me more about Mitch. (This was before they were engaged.)

Guess she wasn't geocaching then, either. :-/