Thursday, February 14, 2008

In which the progatonist gets to know her hot UPS guy better on Valentine's Day.

Something kind of funny and disappointing just happened this morning.

See, I've been working at my mall job for almost a year now. Eleven months, actually.

I had an early meeting at my real job, so on the way home, I stopped by the mall to hang out with my manager. I adore her. She and I would be friends in real life except that we're both always intensely busy.

Anyway, the UPS guy brought a huge delivery today. He needed me to write a couple checks and he wondered if we had a cashier's check for another delivery which he had let us know about yesterday. (I didn't know anything about it, and my manager had gone Valentinesing, so I told him sorry, we didn't have it.)

He left. My manager came back. I told her about the cashier's check and she called the owner, who said that we actually did have the cashier's check. So my manager went to look for the UPS guy at his truck, and while she was gone, I totally saw Apollo go past the front of our store with his half-empty cart. I stopped him and let him know that oh, wait, it turned out we actually did have it. He said he'd bring the box back.

While we were waiting for him to bring the box back, my manager talked about him shamelessly. It's really no secret that our UPS guy is hot. He has an amazing smile. (Who doesn't have a hot UPS guy?) And then my manager said something about us calling him Apollo because of that. Wait. So his name isn't really Apollo? I've worked there for almost a year and we've always called him Apollo. Too bad. I asked her what his real name was and she didn't know. WHAT. Turns out, she'd seen him every day for two years, and she didn't know his name.

So when he came back, we asked his name. He has a totally normal guy name.

As he left, my manager looked over at me solemnly and said "I liked Apollo better." "Me too," I agreed.

I totally always thought his real name was Apollo. Disappointing!


zookeeper08 said...

So...Did you ever call him Apollo to his face? Now that would be funny.

We have a hot UPS guy, too.

Maybe it is a condition of employment.

LJ said...

Did I ever tell you the day that I learned that Emo Sushi Boy's name was actually Joe? I felt like a bit of my soul died.

Amaaaaazing photo, by the by. Hooray for Brown Apollos!